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Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago 2017

Organization:Insight Exchange Network



When:26/04/2017 – 28/04/2017

The Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago is the must-attend event for marketers. This 3-day event features hands-on intensive workshops, talks, and how-to tutorials.

The event covers the most pertinent topics linked to revenue generation including tying content to conversions, creating personalized ads that translate to sales and video marketing and ROI.

Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago 2017 will help you optimize your social channels to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

The event offers best practices, case studies and how-to sessions from social media and digital marketing leaders.

Each speaker will bring real-world, applicable knowledge and tips to get marketers thinking out of the box and generating fresh, winning ideas for their social campaigns and content.


Here are 4 reasons this is the must-attend event of the year:

• Work collaboratively with other attendees and the guidance of a trainer to apply the latest tools and technologies in social media marketing to your strategy.

• Meet other organizations with challenges just like yours — and learn how they are overcoming them.

• Each program features all new case studies and all new brands. The speakers share their secrets to help you apply best practices to your social programs.

• Meet a mix of experienced in-house practitioners, influencers and award-winning agencies to get a 360° view on successful, revenue-driving social media strategies.

Hear it straight from the marketers who  attended to the Social Media Strategies Summit 2016:

The Social Media Strategies Summit Series organized by GSMI which is a conference production company based in San Diego and San Francisco.

SMSS is the #1 conference choice for social media, digital marketing and communications professionals across industries.

Fuel your social media strategy through compelling content, customer experience, brand storytelling, advocacy and technology. This summit provides lots of opportunities to network, so take advantage of it!

DAN readers will get a 15% discount on all ticket types. Enter discount code “DANGLOBAL15” at checkout.

Interested? Find out more here.

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