Social Media Posts From “New Agency Life” During COVID-19 Outbreak

With this article, we aim to share what the best digital agencies all around the world are up to from their own perspectives.

Considering all the crisis caused by COVID-19, digital agencies can be considered to be one of the luckiest businesses in terms of business continuity while working remotely. Everyone has spent time at home, and all the budgets have been controlled/spent from home too. Meaning that people have spent their money on what they need and what they can digitally reach.

It has been very hard for the businesses which were not online enough. Now, the importance of digital has boosted. So the businesses which can survive this crisis will invest in digital more if they haven’t done so far.

Therefore, it is assumed that the demand for digital agencies will increase in this post-COVID era. Now, one by one, digital agencies started going back to the offices too. But, some of them have announced that they will keep working from home for a while. No worries about their sustainable work though. What they just need is the internet and a personal computer.

In this article, I have gathered social media posts by digital agencies showing their agency life during COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, it is not the same for all agencies. And most of the agencies have not taken the last step yet. But the process usually goes as follows:

  • Working from home (WFH)
  • Online meetings to catch up
  • Applausing health care workers
  • Recommendations during WFH
  • Remote celebrations
  • Missing the office & teammates
  • Adapting to the new normal and back to the offices

Working from home (WFH)

No one was expecting such a huge pandemic which will come into our lives and change it so fast and significantly. The daily exercise we do, breakfast we have, things we shop, people we talk with, and more have changed in the last few months. When we are forced to stay home in order to avoid the virus, the businesses have had to continue from home.

The majority of the digital agencies were already prepared for this scenario. As long as the business is not interrupted, they have usually been allowing their employees to work from home when needed or on a regular basis.

As you can see in the posts below, they are all prepared and equipped to work from home. It is not easy for parents with young children; however, the children are definitely happy to see their parents more. The same goes for pets who can spend more time with their parents.

Search + Gather

Definitely one of my favorite social media posts of all times.



They have been sharing great Instagram stories about working from home. The content comes from the agency team members. And, you will definitely find something similar to your experience during this COVID-19 outbreak.


Devotion team definitely has some dads and moms in the team.


Online meetings to catch up

As digital agencies were already working from home more often than any other businesses, they are already familiar with having all the data in the cloud systems and having online meetings. Zoom has been definitely one of the most used tools by digital agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.





Applausing the health care workers

The health care workers were the ones under the most pressure during the whole COVID-19 outbreak. We cannot thank them enough or pay their hard work back in any way. Physically and psychologically, it was not easy for them.

The best thing we could do for them was to appreciate their work and let them know that we care for them with the 7PM applauses all over the world. Of course, our top member agencies did not forget about them either!

Major Tom


AVX Digital


Recommendations during WFH

Even the sectors which are the least available for WFH have started to work from home. A few years ago, the ones working from home were marginal. Now, almost everybody has experienced this and has seen that it is possible and sustainable.

Working from home for the whole time; however, hasn’t been that easy. We all did a lot of research to stay productive and keep the good work going on despite the pandemic negativity surrounding us. Employees want to prove that they are still productive whereas managers tried to keep them motivated to do so.

Here are some tips and recommendations from the digital agencies to be taken into consideration during WFH.

Blue Fountain Media

If you need to go out, you should remember to:

The Good Marketer

Apart from their Instagram post, The Good Marketer has also written a blog post giving some tips for staying productive while working from home.


Remote celebrations

A lot of occasions have happened in team members’ lives. Some have had a baby, some have got married, some have had birthdays, and even new team members have been hired. However, COVID-19 didn’t allow a cake in the office as usual in the earlier agency days.

Here are some examples from some of our member agencies showing creative ways to celebrate these occasions.



Missing the office & teammates

It has felt nice to have months working from home. However, that doesn’t mean that we have not missed the office, office culture and our colleagues.

Pound & Grain

As this example clearly shows, simple gestures can be more than enough to show your team that you care for them.





Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Remember when working in an office was still the thing? #tbt #digitalagency #nyagencylife #designagency #adagency

Flightpath (@flightpathny)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()



Adapting to the new normal and back to the offices?

Are you ready to get back to office life yet?

The discussions are going on about the sustainable length of remote work. It is hard for managers to decide and take the responsibility to call people back to offices or keep the team WFH. Most of the digital agencies have announced that they will not be back to the offices yet. But, until when? This is the biggest question for everyone who has not set a specific future date to end WFH.

Here are some quotations from the Q&A sessions with digital agency managers.

Co-Founder at MaxAudience, Mark Mcintyre, raised one of the questions that a lot of managers have in mind:

Frankly I am trying to find the best answer to allowing my team to continue remotely for the most part. The challenge is to grow and train new people fully remotely. The next six months are going to be fun!

Creative & Managing Director at Devotion, Andrew Whitehead said:

While we were well placed for remote working already, we’ve refined operations around the ‘all in’ model, and I think we’ll see more of this, both at Devotion, and also within our clients. While we’ll still have our office, and the return to physical engagement will be great, the added flexibility and focus on work-life balance through remote working, will deliver positive longer-term benefits.

Being back to the offices, adapting to your office, moving to a different type of office, or keeping WFH for a longer period of time… This has been very controversial and all the digital agencies have the right to act differently. There have not been many agencies back to the office yet. Hereby, the examples lack in this last step for now.

Bruce Clay MENA

Some of the agencies seem to be already prepared to be back at the office.


The Charles

When you are back to the offices, still remember to pay attention to hygiene, mask and social distance rules just like the team of The Charles:



Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


First shoot since lockdown – reunited and it feels so good 💯

thecharlesnyc (@thecharlesnyc)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Mimosa Agency

Wouldn’t you like to be back to the office if it is like the one below:


More or less, most of the digital agencies have been going through these steps one by one. Remember that your team is your actual asset which you should take care of. When one team member is diagnosed with the virus, all of the colleagues in the office will be in danger. Also, make sure that the team is motivated and the team spirit is still alive.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the compilation of social media posts by digital agencies showing their “new agency life”. Stay safe and motivated!

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