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Snapchat Offers In-App Purchases & A Bizarre Feature Called “Lenses”

You can now “replay” already-seen pictures, and also add freaky “lenses” to selfies on Snapchat. 

The joy in being able to send out embarrassing selfies to your friends that would never otherwise see the light of the day, with security in knowing that they will dutifully disappear after a few seconds, has just become endangered.

Snapchats newest feature billed “replay”, lets users pay to view pictures that had apparently disappeared. The newest in-app purchase, available currently only in the USA, is offered in packs of three for $0.99. Without these viewers can only view each picture or once, with a single replay on-the-house each day.

In a blogpost, Snapchat said,

We’ve provided one replay per Snapchatter per day, sometimes frustrating the millions of Snapchatters who receive many daily Snaps deserving of a replay. But then we realized — a replay is like a compliment! So why stop at just one?

In addition to extra replays for a price, the trendy messaging app also rolled out new filters called “lenses” that allow you to add animated effects to your face. Simply take a selfie, tap and swipe for the ‘lense’ of your choice, and goof up your picture. Snapchat uses facial recognition technology to alter the faces of users in real-time, with frankly, petrifying results.

You can look a robotic assassin or like you’re spewing rainbows, just to name a few options among the many frightful ones.

snapchat lense

Another new addition fleetingly mentioned in the post, was that of a new “Trophy Case” feature placed above the camera with 16 in total to unlock. This uses your Snapchat score to unlock emojis that display your progress with Snapchat.

Until now Snapchat had only monetized through advertisements, but from the looks of, it will be experimenting with more in-app purchases such as these, to better squeeze out money from its die-hard fans for the last ephemeral message and freak selfies.

Who’s excited to up their snap-game with some face distortion, googly-eyes or Frankenstein faces using “lenses” and paying to view them on your friends all over again with “replay”?

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