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Snapchat Promotes ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ With The First-Ever 3D-Interactive Lens

To support the upcoming movie Underworld: Blood Wars, Screen Gems has partnered with the most popular app, Snapchat to develop the first interactive 3D Lens.

Starting today, the unlock code will roll out and give a sneak peek about the upcoming application. It will be used to reach Snapchat‘s +150 million daily users and will allow Screen Gems to communicate with them directly.

The new 3D filter based on the popular fantasy-horror sequel will get the edge on both the front- and rear-facing cameras on users’ phones to create a fabulous augmented reality experience.


Titled “The Underworld 3D Lens”, has a mechanism that works by using a smartphone’s gyroscope to build an immersive augmented reality piece, a 360° environment with Underworld theme around the user. As the smartphone turns, the background adapts itself to the movements.

The custom Snapcodes will be combined and amplified through various social and content partners, TV, and promotion materials in the weeks leading up to Lens’ expose. The Lens also transforms the Snapchat user into a vampire like Underworld character Selene, starred by Kate Beckinsale.

Here’s the short-video of the interactive Snap:

Before its official release date, fans will be able to take a look at the Lens by Snapping codes. If the user wants to “snap to unlock”, they use a code which is placed on billboards and websites, that people scan to get access to the lens. The augmented reality-based lenses will be available inside Snapchat on Dec. 29.

The Snaps will be on social media, TV and print-ad materials in upcoming weeks.

Underworld: Blood Wars arrives in theaters on Jan. 6 in worldwide, and the high-tech commercial will boost the movie’s promotions soon.

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