Smashing Conference New York 2018

Organization:Smashing Magazine

Location:New York


When:23/10/2018 – 24/10/2018

The 5th edition of Smashing Conference will take place in New York!

Explore new things in front-end and UX design! Everything from progressive web apps to font loading best practices, performance optimization, CSS & SVG tricks & techniques, to stakeholder-friendly design workflows, and how to convince your clients the right way.

Two packed days of hands-on, practical sessions by some of the most respected members of the community.

Speakers Include:


Why you should attend?

1- Stay ahead of the curve: When it comes to digital experiences, we often compare it to swimming upstream. If you stop swimming you don’t stand still, instead you get swept backward.

2- Essential skill: They know your designer and developers are an essential component of your team. That’s why it’s vital to invest in their skills. Digital experiences are a critical component of all businesses. The jobs of so many people are changing because of digital.

3- Relieve the conference: Throughout the conference, they gather all the information in a handy Google Document so that attendees can share their learnings with other team members or managers afterward.

4- Practical Takeaways and much more: At Smashing Conference New York 2018, you will learn how others failed, so that you won’t have to make the same mistakes. You will also discover techniques, strategies and tools to get to better results, faster.

Smashing Conference New York 2018 is organized by Smashing Magazine.

They’d like to explore what works and doesn’t work in actual real-life projects. That’s why the conferences are usually focused on practical takeaways, workflows and hands-on insights. The goal is that every talk will deliver tangible, actionable points.

Their mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away.

Smashing Conferences are friendly, valuable and inspiring community events that aim to help us all, Web designers and developers, to become better at what we do.

Learn how others failed, so that you won’t have to make the same mistakes. You will also discover techniques, strategies and
tools to get to better results, faster.

Get 20% discount on your conference ticket with the code SmashinglovesDAN.

For event details and registration click here.

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