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Smart Tips To Make Content Marketing More Visual

There’s content all over the web. It’s a grinding process to make branded content a talking point.

A good option for attention-starved brands is to create visual content.

“32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, while blogging is second (27%).” – HubSpot

According to Quick Sprout, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and visual content makes up 90 percent of the information sent to our brains.

Imagery makes content more vivid, colourful, and exciting. Social algorithms prefer visual content over text-based updates. Pictures can make text-based content juicier and enticing. Here’re some cool tips to infuse aesthetic into content marketing with different types of visual content:


Infographics help marketers to present data in a visual format. You can make use of charts, icons, and illustrations to create an infographic that tells a data-driven story. Infographics can help get content shares ensuring brand visibility and authority.

Most infographic tools provide ready-made templates. A good way to start is to cu-rate trending stats and facts in your niche and create a quick infographic. Get the timing right and you’re likely to get an unexpected number of shares and mentions.

For example, this infographic from Vertical Measures got 145 live backlinks and 80 website embeds!


“Video (63%), alone, has surpassed blogging (60%) in usage as a social media marketing asset.” – HubSpot

Social media audiences love video content. There’re many video types that marketers can experiment with:

· Live videos
· Slideshows
· Animated videos
· Data visualizations
· Live-action web series

Video content is not as far-fetched anymore. You can pick a smartphone and start recording. Make a video of a client if they’re happy with your service and glorify it as a testimony of your product’s merit. You can turn existing blog posts into slideshow videos and make content more valuable.

Take a look at this educational video from Trello, the popular team productivity app:

Create a video on a viral idea if you can and that can fetch instant publicity. Marketers can choose from a plethora of cost-effective video creation and editing tools. Video is a content format that gets immediate recognition and appreciation.


Looking to add a dash of humor to branded content? Create a meme using popular templates in a free-to-use meme generator, and you’re ready to share a lighter moment with the audience.


Have you seen Barack Obama or Donald Trump with funny one-liners on their pictures? Memes have a chance of going viral as well. Some brands do custom memes to maintain brand consistency and voice.

Take a look at this hilarious example from Grammarly:



GIFs work well to entertain the audience. A GIF combines 2-3 images to create a micro video. You can include some text to make it spicier and add context. Businesses can curate GIFs from a platform like GIPHY where you can find thousands of GIFs or create a custom one like this one from The British Bake Off:

GIFs tell a story in a very short time. The content format is unique and attracts eye-balls. GIFs can be super fun and help get tons of social media attention.


The good old presentations are great for educating a B2B audience. A good starting point is to create a presentation around an audience pain-point. Content marketers can upload the presentation to SlideShare and embed it on their website.

Here’s an interesting example from Edureka, educating the audience on the basics of Artificial Intelligence:


Product Photos

If you have visited Instagram accounts of fashion brands, then you must have come across posts that showcase products. Many brands hire models and organize professional photo shoots.

Each picture has a story to tell and showcases a style. Take a look at this example from Chanel’s Instagram handle:


Such visual content is great for clothing, travel, and food brands wishing to tell delightful visual stories.

Instagram Stories

The Instagram community is going wild after Stories – a visual content format that disappears after 24 hours. The Stories feature has over 500 billion active monthly users. Marketers can play around and create many interesting content types using stories:

· Short 15 seconder videos
· Boomerangs
· Rewind videos
· Images with stickers, face filters, and hashtags
· Polls and mentions

Take a look at this example of a story poll from HubSpot:

Instagram Stories is a rage right now – a must-have in any content marketing mix.

Interactive Content

Quizzes, polls, calculators, contests, and games all work well to get the audience to interact with branded content. The content format gets incredible results. Interaction is an inherent human instinct. As social beings we love interacting with our friends on social channels – that’s why interactive content works for brands.

Users love participating in polls to share their opinion with friends, for instance. It’s also fun to play games and contests on social media and show-off the results.

Take a look at this example of a bottle slider game from Heineken:

The game runs as a display ad and a brand video plays after the game is over. Here’s another cool example of an interactive content piece from VenturePact. The B2B brand created a mobile app price calculator:

The calculator asks users some questions and delivers them a tentative cost of creating a mobile app. The interactive format makes content a two-way conversation between brands and their audience.

Things to Remember

Design consistency helps visuals speak the voice of a brand. It distinguishes a business from its competitors. Marketers must create a style guide for visual designers in the team. It ensures uniformity in the use of logos, fonts, and colors.

Visual content alone is not enough – marketers should back it up with strong con-tent or campaign ideas. A good way to use the content format is to tell stories that arouse specific emotions or reactions.

A well-thought visual content strategy is likely to bring better business outcomes.

“Content is king, but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house!” – Mari Smith

To get more engagement, marketers should make an effort to make content pleasing. Visuals are colourful and playful add-ons. What looks good, appeals to the users and makes them want to see what’s in it for them.

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