SHERPA to Provide a “UX Audit” Service to Pinpoint Usability Issues

Designing digital experiences for users to establish ideal human-device interaction, SHERPA started to provide UX Audit service to point out the problems of brands’ digital products, websites and mobile applications.

There is a hard fact acknowledged by all: The only way to maximize the efficiency of your digital products is to design an optimal user experience for your target audience. However, in order to be able to optimize a system, its current state needs to be well understood. Cause it is not possible to treat symptoms without digging deep to uncover the root cause of issues.

UX Au​dit is a handy service for businesses to accurately identify usability problems in their digital assets. It allows product owners providing a better user experience for target audiences, and, naturally, boosting the ROI of UX investment quantitatively.

UX Audit simply starts off with experts analyzing user journeys and the main task flows in a digital product against widely renowned usability criteria, identifying usability issues and generating recommendations for further improvement.

The audit also goes on to run a configuration check of a measurement tool in place to interpret user interaction with an analytical mindset and spark insight into user behaviour. In addition to quantitative data analyzed, qualitative data is also evaluated and recommendations generated to optimize user interaction are tailored into a testable format and hypotheses are engineered with key performance indicators (KPIs). Guerrilla user tests and exemplary UI solutions can also be added into the mix if product owners are interested in a comprehensive analysis of the UX aspect of their offerings.

It basically reveals the instances where users feel negative emotions while engaging with digital assets using a proven analysis methodology and simply enables product teams to focus on the most significant areas that will contribute to the user experience by prioritizing all insights.

In short, if your conversion rate is too low, the experience you offer is failing to impress your users or you seek ways to optimize your cost of acquisition per user, UX Audit can shed light on your questions. You can start by letting experts analyzing your product while collecting and analyzing data to find and fix less-than-perfect areas in your digital product.

For all and more take a look at SHERPA’s website to see how they can help you achieve your goals, and make your users happy.


Founded as the first enterprise of DAM Startup Studio in 2013, SHERPA, with its Istanbul and London offices, designs digital experiences for an ideal human-device interaction with a user-experience-focused approach.

SHERPA has been offering high ROI services for leading multinational and national institutions in a large number of industries from finance to tourism, white appliances to automotive and electronics to retail. With an extensive portfolio of successful projects to its name, SHERPA has been awarded UX Design Awards Honor Award, IF Design and Red Dot award, all of which are considered to be the most prestigious awards in the world.

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