SHERPA Helped Beko With UI/UX and Interaction Design

SHERPA helped Beko with the design process of Beko Vega Oven, enabling the users to utilize the product’s outstanding features to their full extent.

A brand new kitchen experience

Beko introduced Vega Oven to transform cooking into a wonderful experience and SHERPA has designed a simple & customizable user interface for you to enjoy this technology. Everything will be under your control in the kitchen now.

Technology, as much as you need

Thanks to mobile technologies almost everything is at our doorstep now, so why shouldn’t cooking be a part of this experience? SHERPA had already given an answer to this rhetoric question at the beginning of their user interface design process for Beko Vega Oven. While enabling the users to utilize the product’s outstanding features to their full extent, they wanted to keep them in the range of daily UX practices. Their aim was to craft a rich, detailed but also familiar experience. So they rolled up their sleeves to give the users just what they need.

How SHERPA helped Beko

  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design

We’ve tried all the alternatives in the light of user needs to reach for the ideal experience with minimum cognitive load.

A rich & familiar experience for all

They examined a wide range of different personae all the way from tiptop master chefs preparing gourmet-delicacies, to hungry students just heating up a leftover pie. They analyzed all the possible challenges that each persona could face, and strived to create solutions for all of them. Basically, they eased the process for anyone who’s wearing a kitchen apron.

Beko Vega is a top of the line oven that can satisfy the amateur chefs’ needs in restaurant kitchens such as steam cooking, or cooking multiple dishes at the same time. It’s also possible to control these advanced features with mobile devices through internet connection.


That’s why, while they were designing the TFT touchscreen they based their decisions on the mobile experience, aimed for a familiar menu navigation. Most importantly, SHERPA decided to offer the users a customization option so that they can create their own unique experience. They acknowledged the struggle in offering all these benefits together at once, but the promise that this product represents always kept them highly motivated.

A game changer for culinary arts


Their subject is cooking, so they didn’t focus solely on the digital experience. They examined the users’ traditional habits of oven usage, and observed the transformation of oven use from past to present with the evolving technology.

They added subtle finishing touches to their design that would accommodate the users’ long-lasting kitchen habits. Letting the users control the menus accessible through the TFT screen by a rotary control knob was one of them. Above all, the best thing is that the users can access all of these features from their smartphones as they please.

Being presented as the star-product of Beko brand in IFA Berlin (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin — the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics) in 2017; Vega Oven has already secured its position in the kitchens of tomorrow by appealing to a wide range of consumer types, from amateur chefs to novice cooks. They are proud to have contributed to such an innovative product.

Özgür Mutlu Öz, UX/UI Design Manager at Arcelik stated:

We’ve decided to work together with SHERPA —who we see as an integral part of our design team— in designing the user interface of our oven, which plays a major role in cooking experience, for the project, and started to collect insights from departments such as Product Management, Marketing and Research & Development.

Our priority was to design simple, easy-to-use, intuitive features such as steam cooking, cooking with meat probes, or automated-cooking which allows even inexperienced users to cook delicious meals, in addition to a standard oven’s functions. After conducting research and creating user-flows to lay the foundation of the user experience, we got quite excited seeing the first design elements of the interface aligned with our brand voice come to life.

We thank the SHERPA team for paying meticulous attention to our requests during the process, questioning them when needed, and replying in a quick & qualified manner at all times.


SHERPA has redefined the way in which customers help their customers interact and transact with them. They have a data driven approach to creating interfaces and UX.