SHERPA Hears The Voice of Customer Better With Usabilla Partnership

The first step in providing a better customer experience for your brand is undoubtedly listening to the voice of your customers.

However, when it comes to digital platforms, it’s much more than having a (wish/complaint) suggestion box at your store in a traditional context. Waiting for customer feedback from the “contact us” button you’ve placed on your website or app — within the scope of digital transformation — is even out of date nowadays.

Partnering with SHERPA, the online feedback tool Usabilla, explains that today, where all interactions take place in micro-moments, they are able to receive all of the customers’ positive and negative feedback instantly, right on the place and on time. And it is critical to delivering a better customer experience and, consequently, to achieving higher conversion rates for your product or service. Therefore, it should be one of your strategic priorities to handle the feedback from your customers with a professional perspective and to develop your experience design based on this data.


Usabilla was founded in 2009 to provide data-oriented, professional solutions in the field of VoC (Voice of Customer) and has been serving leading global brands such as Vodafone, BMW, Samsung and IBM for ten years. With their offices located in New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney; Usabilla strengthens many major global and local companies with customer-oriented strategies and thus improves digital experiences.

SHERPA is proud and happy to start working together with Usabilla, which they have been following and appreciating their works for a long time.


SHERPA has redefined the way in which customers help their customers interact and transact with them. They have a data driven approach to creating interfaces and UX.