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“She Said”s Has Beaten “He Said”s. The 4 Ads From The Golden Globes

Black ads, black carpet and black moments occurred during this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

75th annual Golden Globes made it clear that there’s no vacancy for man’s dominance over the Hollywood community. So with all the #MeToo moments after the takeover of Oprah Winfrey’s poignant speech, the commercials are also empowered by women and the theme of the night, ‘Time’s Up’.

Except the NBC broadcast, the event has also live streamed on Facebook, and celebrates American film and TV, that drew an audience of 32.9 million viewers, down 5% vs last year.

The Truth Has A Voice | The New York Times

The award ceremony ran as, almost every guest who wore black as solidarity for those who have experienced sexual assault or harassment. Therefore, sexual harassment was also the theme of The New York Times’ TVC, with a strong expression by airing a text-only ad that begins with the phrase “He said. She said.”

After a while, the string full of ‘She said’ appear to fill up the rest of the white space and references the movement of women who have spoken out about sexual harassment due to Harvey Weinstein’s allegations. Lastly, “The truth has power. The truth will not be threatened. The truth has a voice.” reads the ad.

Comeback/Winona Ryder | L’oreal Paris Elvive

Winona Ryder makes a big “Comeback” with the new L’oreal spot. She stars in an ad for L’Oreal Elvive that aired during the show that celebrating her career comeback with the Netflix’ popular show, Strnger Things.

The spot is created by McCann and directed by Roman Coppola from The Directors Bureau. The spot opens on the back of a woman with a beautiful gown, preparing on her dressing room for a wonderful night-to-be. When she’s called out, the spot reveals her to be Winona Ryder. The strapline reads “Everyone loves a comeback…” to introduce the new Elvive haircare line.

It’s a little odd to compare Ryder to a hair care product, although it doesn’t matter because in the ad her hair looks fantastic!


#123DollarMenu | McDonald’s

Chrissy Teigen may be one the most ironic characters in the models world, so does her spot, appeared on the Golden Globes. It was setted like Teigen was leaving the audience to grab burgers during the ceremony, telling on the drive-thru, “Can I have a ‘they never feed you at those things’ please?” the moment was fun, because Golden Globes really doesn’t provide dinner. Plus, we should say, that the ad is absolutely loved.

World Of Hopes | Facebook

Facebook also took a bold stance in its 60-seconds ad, mainly points about hope. Created by Facebook’s in-house team, the spot inspires feelings of community, zoning in on imperfect messages from a lot of people.

As we see a lot of people out and beyond toward a more promising future, we hear their voiceovers proclaim their thoughts:  “I hope I make them proud … I have a girlfriend, I hope we stay together.. I hope to keep making noise.. I hope for more love and tolerance in the world.. I hope that people understand that #MeToo is just the beginning…not in a cheesy way but a better world, altogether.” In the end, tagline reads, “Hope brings us together.”

The solidarity of women is celebrated with mass media, and everyone embraced the occasion during the show. It seems that the event’s interest won’t last yet still, and this is a revolutionary award show because of its mission that’s been carried. All we can say is, women are the new black.

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