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Shapes Of Cities Is The Ultimate App For Urban People

A great job in graphic design! Developed by Yoni Alter, the Shapes Of Cities app lets you discover the highest points in your city.

If you are looking for something different and colorful when you’re on mobile, Shapes of Cities is the app that you’re looking for!

The London-based designer and artist, Yoni Alter created the app and he was inspired by the urban landscapes and architecture of big cities.

Shapes of Cities is not just an app. It’s a concept, which includes posters, websites, an online shop and more. The app is composed of graphics and prismatic prints of skyscrapers, the app user can play a memory game, and name the right city for each skyscraper.


The posters show off the greatest landmarks of the chosen cities. Each of the landmarks, can be moved with the cursor for players aiming to guess the right heights of the buildings.

In the game, the heights of the buildings change after tapping the image and dots appear above each image -for dragging-. Then you adjust the heights and try to get as true as the original graphics as possible. As you drag dots, the respective building’s name appears.

For people familiar with skylines, the guesswork should be a snap. The app is also helpful for those who never travel to some destinations and wonder about their landscapes. Shapes of Cities is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.


















A real graphic design, art and technology masterpiece, right? Leave your comments.

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