SeekThem Designed Rebranding Strategy for Travel-O-Deal

SeekThem redid’s branding and UX. The result: a modern brand that holidayers trust.

About Travel-o-Deal

Travel-o-deal is a travel website that serves tirelessly demanding modern travelers. It ensures stunning services at the best prices. And has evolved with the changing needs of its clientele.

However, the Travel-o-deal experience remained restricted to loyal customers. This left a lot of scope for new customer acquisition for the brand.

For Travel-o-deal to capture new, untapped audiences, they needed a 360-degree overhaul.

They needed inspiring designs. A clutter-free digital search experience. And thoroughly greased funnels that smoothly convert prospects into clients.

SeekThem partnered with to deliver what they sought. They reworked the brand’s image, revamped the UX, and revived the sales funnel.

And the new and improved delivers everything that modern travelers deserve. Inspiration, assistance, and stellar service.

Travel-O-Deal’s Need of the Hour – A Complete Website Overhaul

The original Travel-o-deal website was dull and boring. So much so that the founder, Maz Daruwala, accepted that “he hated it and it was a turn-off.”

To change that, the SeekThem team was engaged to

  • Conduct user research
  • Refresh the website’s UI and UX
  • Aid with iconography and illustrations
  • Optimize the site for mobile – how users access the Internet today
  • Conduct user acceptance testing and conversion optimization.

SeekThem Three-Pronged Redesign Strategy for Success

At SeekThem, strategizing before doing is the norm. The team researched deeply. And developed a fail-proof three-pronged website redesign strategy to meet Travel-o-deal’s needs:

Part 1 – Building detailed user personas to find out what the users look for when they reach

Part 2 – Visualizing the user journey on the website. This ensured the user interface and the user experience design synced with the journey.

Part 3 – Identifying and eliminating the points of friction on the website. This smoothening of the UI/UX resulted in the conversion of the audience into customers.

Measurable Metrics That Prove the Efficacy of SeekThem’s Brand Redesign Services

SeekThem had set a huge goal for itself. They vowed to let Travel-o-deal’s audience find the right travel package within 30 seconds of browsing.

And they made it possible with customer focus and by understanding them and their needs to the core. Further Travelodeal’s premium position was reinstated across the website with the aesthetics.


The updated website’s performance was compared with the original’s on three key parameters:

  • Average Session Duration
  • The session duration increased by 120%. This signals that the audience wasn’t running away. They were staying and exploring the site due to a likable experience.

  • Cart Abandonment
  • The cart abandonment rate came down by a whopping 64%. This ultimately translated into a substantial increase in Travel-o-deal’s bottom line.

  • Custom Retention
  • The customer retention rate shot up by 38% resulting in an expanded user base.

And all this was accomplished on time and within budget. Courtesy SeekThem’s efficiency and commitment.

Maz further noted that SeekThem’s consulting services were of the utmost help. And he recommends them to webmasters who don’t know design but are aware of its importance.

About SeekThem

SeekThem is a one-stop creative design partner for B2B and B2C brands. It is backed by marketing, design, and tech veterans. And the global agency helps businesses leverage design and tech for marketing and brand building like never before.