Schiphol Airport Releases Indoor Wayfinding

M2mobi launches an update of the Schiphol Airport App that includes a new map, location detection and indoor navigation functionalities.

The app uses of beacon technology to make Indoor Wayfinding possible. Because GPS does not work inside buildings, more than 2,000 beacons have been placed throughout Schiphol airport. This means that users of the app can now make use of location detection technology within Schiphol.

With an accuracy range of five metres, passengers are able to easily find their way to their gate via the navigation functionality of the map.

Indoor Wayfinding technology has rarely been used in such large and complex buildings as Schiphol, which is one of the first major airports to have integrated Indoor Wayfinding into its own mobile application.

Development of Schiphol App

M2mobi has been working on the Schiphol Airport App for more than six years, during which time the team has launched multiple updates. Shifting its focus from usability, speed, parking and shopping information, M2mobi’s focus is now on indoor navigation.

Schiphol Airport App

Scrum Team

Since 2013, the team from M2mobi has been working at the Schiphol offices to further develop the Schiphol App. Because Schiphol Indoor Wayfinding is such a complex project with so many stakeholders, it was important that the entire team could work together from the start.

The project was run according to the Scrum methodology, with initial training from BlinkLane. They supported the multi-disciplinary team in establishing a suitable format for collaboration and helped it to draw up clear agreements that covered all-important issues such as the ‘definition of done’.

Michiel Munneke, General Manager at M2Mobi, says,

We are proud of our innovation partnership with Schiphol. Outdoor, mobile navigation has become a commodity, but indoor navigation is still in its infancy. It’s great to see that we can work so successfully with Schiphol to explore the boundaries of what is possible in this area

Mike Smolders, Project Manager at M2mobi, says,

We have been working very hard with Schiphol on indoor location detection and are extremely pleased with having developed such a user-friendly solution with an accuracy range of approximately five metres!

About M2mobi

M2mobi is a full-service mobile agency that develops mobile solutions from strategy and concept up to development and maintenance. It works on mobile solutions such as apps, mobile websites, applications for smart watches, car apps, etc.

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