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‘Save Our Snowmen’ Mockumentary Highlights The Climate Change

Increasing heat threatens the environment and all manner of species on Earth. Therefore, a mockumentary film was made by Cool Effect Organization, in which Snowmen are starring.

The project is called ‘Save Our Snowmen’. It is an online crowdfunding platform that backs carbon-reduction initiatives, the main reason of the temperature increase.

Dr. James Atwater, Director of the Global Snowman Sanctuary, Dr. Victoria Carlson, a Climate Scientist in the Global Snowman Sanctuary, Lula and Mr. Larsson, Residents of Holiday Hills are showing up in the video. They all are trying to make a humoristic approach to the situation.

We see snowmen everywhere in the video treated as endangered species. ‘Karaoke nights, marshmallow roasts and even ‘Snow Saunas’ are made for them to ‘chill-out’. The spot is: “Their habitat is threatened. Their hope is dwindling, our hearts are melting. Join the fight against climate change.” 

Here’s the trailer of the mockumentary:


And the full-introductory video:


The main-theme of both videos is migration of the snowmen. Due to the climate change, mass numbers of them are migrating north to stay alive. They are now endangered because of the temperature increases.

At the end of the mockumentary, we hear a voice-over informs viewers: ‘for just $10, you too can make a real difference. The planet can’t wait—and neither can he.’ You can also join the fight against climate change and help them stay safe.

Cool Effect marketing chief Jodi Manning states to AdFreak that:

We want to capture people’s attention and highlight the startling statistics on climate change, and the beloved icon of snowmen made the perfect metaphor.

The snowmen represent the many species—animals and birds—that are going extinct, as well as the humans around the globe that are becoming refugees due to climate change.

This melancholic, yet creative campaign wants the world to cool down and ‘let Snowmen live’.

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