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Savage Marketing 2020

Organization:Savage Marketing


When: 21/04/2020 – 22/04/2020

Savage Marketing has connected hundreds of leading B2C brands – small and large – with marketing vendors while bringing content and discussion back to the heart of events.

Consistently ranked as “the most useful marketing event of the year” and with 500 marketers attending from such brands as Philips, Adidas, ING, L’Oreal, BBC, Business Insider, BMW, and others, as well as the biggest complaint from the attendees being that “there are too many fantastic presentations to pick from”, you know it’s not an event to be missed!


The program will cover innovative strategies and technologies used to guide your customers through a perfectly designed journey that would maximize the value they receive while ensuring your brand communicates an authentic and engaging message.

From social media marketing, to smart data-driven strategies, to connecting offline and online experiences, to utilizing AI and ML, the program features case studies from leading brands and marketing thought leaders..

For tickets and details visit the event website.

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