Savage Marketing 2017

Organization:Savage Marketing 2017



When:13/06/2017 – 14/06/2017

Savage Marketing 2017 will take place at the Theater de Meervaart in Amsterdam on 13th and 14th June to discuss the latest in marketing strategy.

Savage Marketing 2017 is more than an event. This is the first step in building a knowledge platform. From the blurred lines of martech and adtech to the perils of customer engagement, several new trends will be discussed at Savage Marketing 2017.

Industry veterans and representatives of the new breed of marketers will be taking the stage to share case studies of the most engaging, viral and creative campaigns, and the science behind them.

Whether you’re from an agency looking for the latest trends in marketing, or from an established company looking to revamp your companies marketing strategy, this event has got something for you.

Event Tracks:

1. Sports Marketing: Sponsorships, endorsements, fan loyalty and engagement – are the rules of the game changing?

2. SEO/CRO/SEM : Getting your target audience to your website is only part of the challenge. How do you maximise the value and turn them into customers?

3. Martech/Adtech: Technology is meant to drive marketing forward, but how do you make sense of the jungle of martech & adtech?

4. Data-Driven Marketing: It is no longer about having a gut feeling. Every decision has to be calculated, carefully planned and flawlessly executed.

5. Mobile Marketing: While no longer optional, mobile marketing still presents a challenge. How do you make the right decisions with limited experience?

6. Customer Experience: Where does marketing begin and where does it end? Engaging existing customers is just as important as attracting new ones.

Some of the Savage Speakers:

  • Andrea Ghizzoni – Director of Europe at WeChat (Tencent)
  • Spencer Waldron – European Regional Director at Prezi
  • John van Lottum – Director of Brand Partnerships at FOX Sports
  • Till Faida – CEO of AdBlock Plus
  • Grimur Fjeldsted – Head of Digital Innovation at ECCO
  • Anja Deelan – Director of Marketing for Eurail

Special discount for DAN member agencies and readers:

DAN Global is the media partner of the Savage Marketing 2017! DAN readers will get a 20% discount on the regular participation fee using the booking code “DAN20” on the conference website.

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