Salt & Fuessel Developed a New Online Marketing Strategy for Swann Insurance

Salt & Fuessel designed a digital marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness and uprise the online sales by driving digital traffic for Swann Insurance.

The Challenge

As a recognized name in the insurance industry, the challenge brought to them was to turn brand awareness into converting customers. Swann Insurance wanted to drive digital traffic nationwide and ultimately see an increase in sales.

The Strategy

Salt & Fuessel took a holistic approach to this problem, executing campaigns across all areas of marketing. From SEO to Social Media Marketing and Website Development – they ensured all bases were covered, to maximize results.


Both on and off-page SEO strategies with a focus on improving brand visibility and outranking Swann Insurance’s competitors in search results went underway.



Conversion-driven SEM and social media campaigns were launched to strengthen the company’s position in the market and lead to more sales.

User Testing & Development

Salt & Fuessel’s user testing and website development strategies worked towards eliminating consumer pain points and creating a seamless customer journey.

The Results

Their initiatives resulted in the revenue from online sales increasing by an impressive 25.69% after a few changes on their landing pages.

Just by understanding their customers, what message needed to change in the main website banner delivered a whopping 10% more conversions.

Newly launched social media campaigns managed by their experts saw a monumental Return On Ad Spend of 21.8.

  • 76% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 13x ROI
  • 20% Policy Completion Increase

About Salt & Fuessel

Salt & Fuessel found a lot of businesses struggle to know what’s working when they’re trying to acquire customers.

Well, they’ve actually developed a proven process that precisely identifies the optimal channels for customer growth. Then their unique user testing regime converts prospects into highly-primed leads by speaking The language of each individual.

It works so well they guarantee an x5 ROI and in these times of uncertainty, their clients really love that.

Their mission is centered around the belief that people are looking for a deeper connection and more meaningful outcomes.