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Russian Airline, S7 Inspires People To Travel More Because Sometimes, Instagram Is Not Enough

Can you say that you traveled all around the world only with social media? Absolutely not.

Rather than travelling around social media all day, Russian Airline S7 encourages people to travel the world for real in their latest campaign. The campaign is by an agency from Moscow called Stereotactic and is directed by Salomon Ligthelm from Stink. The project will be running online and on TV in Russian channels.

The spot criticizes society’s digital obsessions and addiction while a voiceover artist comments about how the world has now become a place where you “like places you’ve never been to, follow people you’ve never met”. They depicted a bunch of beautiful images of places and things become distorted through static, Instagram filters and Snapchat-style gimmicks. There’s a man in the forest with VR glasses, watching a monkey, as the ad concludes by a voiceover artist commenting, “the world is bigger than the palm of your hand”.

Every photo in the film is a potential destination and all these beautiful images then become “tangible”, meaning they’re no longer interrupted by all those likes and filters.









The director of the film, Ligthelm also commented,

With a decidedly eclectic visual approach, we wanted to convey two worlds, one experienced through the limited lens of other people’s digital experiences – creating a distorted and ultimately ‘unrealistic’ depiction of the world, and the other was an invitation to go and experience the world and its unique cultures and subcultures yourself – be it the Wushu Martial Art Kids of Shaloan, the Drifters of Saudi Arabia, the Bosozoku of Japan, the Shamans of Altai or the eccentric characters of a ‘Burning Man’ type arts festival.


The print ads of the campaign will also carry the same theme, showcasing photos of popular destinations while the slogans will be incongruous with the obvious locations. For example, in one ad, the caption “this_is_not_moscow_yet.jpeg”,  which will be unified with one of the most famous landmarks in Russia, while “this_is_not_berlin_yet.jpeg” will display a photo of the Brandenburg Gate.

S7 has also launched a web app, where visitors can upload photos of target destinations and it will create a “ticket” visual of their dream place. Visitors can also share it online and get a discount code.

This is a fine result of how powerful imagery is in advertising. So go on and leave your smartphones for a moment, and #MakePhotosComeTrue!

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