Royal Life Saving WA Launches ‘Passwords With A Purpose’

Royal Life Saving WA and 303 MullenLowe collaborated to encourage parents at public swimming pools to watch over their children, not their phones.

The free wifi service at swimming pools have become very popular among parents lately. However, this growing trend causes some serious consequences like showing lack of attention towards their children. Therefore, MullenLowe and Royal Life Saving collaborated and launched a new project called “Passwords With A Purpose”.

The project is simply changing the local pools’ of Perth’s wifi passwords to a meaningful phrase that causes messages from children to their parents, such as: please_watch_me, or keep_me_safe.

Let’s watch the video of the project, here:

Lauren Nimmo, from Royal Life Saving implies that a child can drown in the pool in a mere couple of seconds. So, ‘let me check my e-mails quickly’ is not a reasonable excuse to let children remain unsafe and unattended. So, instead of a meaningless wifi password like pool_guest_123, the new passwords urge parents to leave their smartphones and keep their eyes around.



Richard Berney, ECD at 303 MullenLowe, Perth, says,

Drowning is the number one cause of preventable death for children under five in Western Australia. By using WIFI passwords as the medium, we’ll turn a distraction into a potentially lifesaving instruction.


The tagline of the project is “Watch your child, not your phone.”, and the children involved in the project are taking pictures with wifi passwords.

During the project, these safety phrases and pictures will remain on the local pools’ walls. The campaign will continue at 126 pools in WA during all summer.

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