Restaurants Are Breaking up With Delivery Services With Free Help From Major Tom and Flipdish

The two companies, Major Tom and Flipdish, are partnering to help restaurants save money and grow their businesses.

Major Tom, a marketing and advertising agency, is helping restaurants get set up to accept online orders instead of relying on third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Foodora, and GrubHub. Restaurant owners are looking for more cost-effective solutions for takeout and food delivery after tiring of delivery services encroaching on their already small profit margins.

Many restaurants launched or expanded food delivery services in order to keep their businesses alive during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a few months of using third-party delivery services; however, restaurant owners are starting to realize that the costs associated with using these services are unsettlingly high.


For example, some of these delivery services are charging 30% on all orders which is “too much” according to Major Tom’s Co-Founder, Chris Breikss. For the next 2 months, he and his team are offering to help restaurants for free to set up their own online ordering system using Flipdish. Flipdish only charges a 7% commission on orders and has no monthly costs or minimums. Typically, the service takes time, and therefore money, to set up but Major Tom and Flipdish are waiving setup costs to onboard new restaurants in the US and Canada from now until July 1, 2020.

Following success with setting up clients on Flipdish, Major Tom chose the system to partner with because of its functionality and integration into marketing and advertising campaigns.

Flipdish integrates with Google Analytics and allows restaurants to “own their data” and see if marketing campaigns are leading to online orders. For example, a restaurant can track if a boosted post on Facebook or Instagram leads to a flurry of new orders or if their email list is generating revenue. This is the future of restaurant marketing and is Major Tom’s primary motivation for wanting to get involved and help restaurants, bars, and cafes thrive.

Flipdish also integrates with POS systems, kiosks, and delivery networks and allows for easy mobile ordering. Restaurants, bars, and cafes looking to take advantage of this offer should contact Major Tom directly via or by requesting the free service through their eCommerce site, The Tin Can.

About Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency that’s been purpose-built to help organizations thrive in an increasingly complex landscape. With offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, Major Tom has a team of 55 specialists covering the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, development, and creative.

About Flipdish

Flipdish puts restaurants, cafés, and convenience stores of all sizes in control of their business growth with a digital ordering and marketing system that builds brands, grows profits, and turns customers into regulars.

With a branded website, app, or self-service kiosk, powered by Flipdish’s world-class technology, restaurant owners can directly accept digital orders without having to list on food delivery marketplaces, at a lower cost and with more control over the customer experience.

Flipdish helps thousands of hospitality brands in 14 countries, including brand leaders such as Amy’s Ice Creams, The LA Crawfish, and Milltown Bar & Grill, working in partnership with them to strengthen their businesses.