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Reebok’s Outdoor Ad Rewards Fast Runners With Free Shoes

Reebok created an outdoor ad that rewards you with shoes if you run at least 17 kilometers per hour.

Located in Sweden, Reebok’s ad promotes new ZPump 2.0 running shoes. The ad was devised by Swedish agency Animal and is equipped with a built-in tracker that measures the speed of passing pedestrians.

When someone runs past it at a minimum speed of 17 kilometers per hour (around 10.5 miles/hr), the glass showcase opens up and the participant picks his pair of Reebok ZPump 2.0

Filip Lagerbäck, PR and social manager at Reebok Nordic says:

For us at Reebok, it’s important to do things for real and to actually activate the target group. We want to inspire people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym. That’s what our tagline ‘Be More Human’ is all about.”

The campaign turned out to be very successful.

Only in a few weeks, Reebok campaign got 275.000+ views on Youtube, 30.000+ shares on social media and coverages by several major news outlets.

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