Recipe for Successful Restaurant Marketing by Elysium Marketing Group

While most businesses are recovering nicely from the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry is still experiencing its own set of challenges including rising food costs and labor shortages.

To deal with all of these challenges, Elysium Marketing Group has had to find new ways to market their clients in order to keep their restaurants running as smoothly as possible.

Elysium Marketing Group focused a lot on digital marketing strategies since they could track back every dollar. Below are 3 three examples of how they have seen success for their clients utilizing three different digital marketing tactics – Google Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and Email Marketing.


PPC Google Ads – Tony Roni’s

Tony Roni’s is a local pizza restaurant with 9 locations spanning the Greater Philadelphia Area. Two of their locations were in need of increasing sales from current and new customers so Elysium Marketing Group launched Google Ad campaigns focusing on hyper-local keywords (keyword + near me) to increase sales from new clients. So far these campaigns have received 482 conversions which have resulted in a ROAS of 88% in three months!

PPC Social Media Lead Generation Ads – Árdana Food & Drink

Árdana Food & Drink was launching its lunch menu and needed to generate buzz and excitement for the new menu and updated hours. To kick off their lunch menu, Elysium Marketing Group created and ran a lead generation campaign to receive “buy one, get one” lunch entrées. In just one week, the ad received 113 submissions while only spending $40. That’s just $.35 per restaurant cover!

Email Marketing – Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar has 8 locations and was been collecting email addresses from their guests since their restaurant opened. They had been sending out periodic emails to guests through an email service but were unable to tie the ROI for their email marketing efforts back to the bottom line. Elysium Marketing Group implemented a CRM that is specific for restaurant groups so every single dollar could be tracked back. Immediately, Elysium Marketing Group strategized a We Miss You campaign offering guests a complimentary appetizer if they hadn’t dined at a location in the past 60 days. In just one calendar year, the campaign resulted in 35,181 covers that brought it over $1 million in sales!


One thing that everyone can agree on from experiencing a global pandemic unlike ever before was the utmost importance of being able to adapt at any moment’s notice.

At Elysium Marketing Group, they pride themselves on constantly adapting their marketing tactics to fit every client’s needs. They constantly test and optimize their campaigns to ensure they deliver the highest ROI possible. Are you interested in receiving a free marketing consultation? Contact us today.

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