Real Estate Investors, Kapstones hire ADAO to Rejuvenate their Website

How Did Kapstones Approach ADAO

This project came about through designing and building a new website for Kompose Hotel in Florida, via ADAO’s sister company UP Hotel Agency. This Kompose Hotel is managed by Kapstones, a real estate investment company, also located in Florida, USA. As ADAO’s team had already worked with Marc Gagliardi (CEO of Kapstones) before on the Kompose project, he reached out a year later to get a new project underway with their team to rebuild the Kapstones website, which was looking a little tired.

What Was the Brief

Essentially, Kapstones were seeking a fresh coat of paint and a refresh to the structure of their old site which was built quite simply in Wix, and originally produced out of necessity, but which didn’t really have much thought behind it.


Their team at ADAO had already worked with a number of commercial property and real estate development firms over the past few years to refresh their online propositions, so ADAO already had a strong knowledge base around how to approach this project. We’ve worked with clients such as the London based General Projects and their development at Greenland Place; editing their site to better target their core audiences of people seeking new commercial lets for their business, or others looking for modern accommodation to rent.


After receiving the brief, ADAO had their web developers create a custom WordPress site for Kapstones with workable news and case study areas to allow them to populate their projects with rich content within. It would have been much simpler to have produced a template design for WordPress CMS, however they always challenge the client and ourselves to create something unique, bespoke and custom to their own needs and wants. As part of their brief was to have a ‘unique look and feel’ about their brand and proposition, ADAO came to an agreement that this was the only way to achieve this goal.

The Outcome of the Project

The client was very happy with the results and is able to use the site as a source of credibility when pitching to potential clients.

Since launching their new and optimised website, they have noticed a pickup in both engagement and leads through to their business which isn’t just great news to the Kapstones team, but also ADAO.


What’s next for ADAO?

ADAO ıs keen to connect to other companies in the commercial property space, or even architects – where they have a strong case study of work.

About ADAO

ADAO is a professional Website Design, Development, and Digital Marketing Company based in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK. They provide a range of Website solutions, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC) to clients of all sizes. They love their work, take care of their clients and importantly produce results that put a smile on any face!

At ADAO they are proud of the high-quality work that they produce, they believe that a successful website not only looks great but also works as a great business tool with tangible results. Like the A-Team, they “love it when a plan comes together” and so do their clients. They treat all of their clients as “partners” and provide a high level of support and service both pre and post-launch.