Re-Imagining A Greener World: Kooba & Repak Team Green

Driving the Future of Plastic

The new Repak Team Green campaign, “Re-Imagine”, aimed to visually and informatively motivate Ireland to recycle plastics more frequently and correctly. The campaign’s assets artfully reposition plastic from an unnecessary evil to a catalyst for the circular economy by emphasizing how many products can now be made from correctly recycled plastic. We took the ‘Re-Imagine” concept and translated it into the digital space by creating an interactive and engaging Team Green Hub. This hub serves to inspire, educate and drive both the public and 3,400 member businesses to reach the recycling target: to increase plastic recycling from 31% to 50% by 2025.

The Power of Visuals

Kooba needed to think outside the box for the campaign and ensure the branding and visuals that had been created were going to be highlighted on the web. We wanted to specifically amplify the new brand messaging and assets in the digital space. Using advertising creative concepts, we utilised video and 3D features to continue the cohesive messaging across the digital space. To thread the campaign throughout the pages, we started on the homepage with a strategic placement of the new logo and the usage of campaign assets as a homepage takeover.

A Toggle for Two Audiences

One of the key aspects of our concept was the implementation of a toggle that allows users to switch between the Public and Member facing landing pages. As each hub was aimed at a different audience, the key messaging was curated to fit. Along with the tailored content, specific visuals were used for each of the hubs that better represented the user profiles. The toggle feature offered a creative solution to the multi-market need.


An Animated Story

We knew from the onset that we wanted to incorporate animations into the final designs and began looking at example campaign pages for inspiration. We researched examples of particalisation, morphing and CG through video to decide what was going to give us the most effective result. Once we decided on CG videos, we were able to incorporate our animations with web technologies on the frontend to create an interactive story-telling experience.

The Result: Meeting KPIs & Branding a Movement

Since the launch, the campaign pages have exceeded expectations for certain KPIs. For example, the informational resources such as the Plastic Pledge information document have seen a higher click-through rate than expected by Team Green. Additionally, the click through rate for Team Green sign ups has seen an increase higher than expected. Overall, the campaign pages are meeting KPIs, contributing to Team Green’s rebrand and re-educating the public about the role of plastic in our future.

About Kooba

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