Rainfall Built a Dynamic Brand Identity for DeepCube With AI

DeepCube is stealth deep learning company building technologies on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. However, Rainfall built all of the AI elements of this identity.

A dynamic brand identity designed to mirror the traits of human personality.

Due to the competitive nature of the artificial intelligence space and DeepCube’s advancements in “sparsified” neural networks, they wanted to create an identity that spoke to their expertise but didn’t expose the details of their approach.

Rainfall worked alongside DeepCube’s leadership team to abstract their message through the specific use of iconography and language that appeals to potential partners while keeping competitors uninformed about the details of their activities.

What Rainfall Made With Deepcube

Technology in Partnership With the Hoodies

→ Brand Identity
→ Brand Voice
→ Motion Theory
→ Investor Presentations
→ Marketing Website

What Is Edge Focused Deep Learning?

Traditionally, artificial intelligence applications utilized centralized cloud platforms, and devices would send along with their data for interpretation. Deep learning at the edge means that individual devices have a built-in ability to interpret their data, without a need to connect to the cloud.

Let It Process

To bring deep learning directly to individual devices, artificial intelligence functionality must utilize either the central processing unit or the graphics processing unit, a requirement that previously limited functionality due to constraints with memory or processing power.

Power in a Small Package

DeepCube created neural network technology that is efficient enough to operate on either a CPU or a GPU and provides powerful and fast deep learning functionality without running into hardware limitations.

Easily Embeddable

For DeepCube to work with the highest number of devices, it was developed as a self-contained module that can easily be plugged into the native code of a range of software platforms.

Rainfall Refers to Deepcube as a Brain in a Box

DeepCube’s modularity and power are most easily visualized as a tangible product. As Rainfall conceptualized the identity, the platform was often referred to as “a brain in a box,” a quite literal interpretation of “Deep Learning Cube.”

A highly intelligent name

DeepCube’s elegance is that its name describes both the company and its product. Rainfall knew that the mark must also work double duty, communicating brain-like intelligence in a neat little cube-shaped box.

The Mark as a Living Organism

The logo consists of a memorable cubic framework that contains a mesmerizing network of neurons and synapses. The visual complexity pushes past the traditional motivation for logos to print well and is instead optimized for a wide range of digital applications.

Inspired by Brain Imaging

The visual look of the brand mark was inspired by Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the brain, a method of scanning that displays brain activity as fibrous paths.

An Identity That Behaves Human

The logo’s beauty extends beyond its alluring visual composition. Just as AI resembles human thought, the logo mirrors human personality by tailoring itself to every situation it encounters, consistently presenting that version of itself at every subsequent meeting.

First Meeting

The mark examines the individual, event, or situation and presents a unique version of itself tailored to that encounter.

Every Subsequent Encounter

The mark recognizes the individual, event, or situation, recalls how it presented itself originally and presents that version of itself.

Unique Logos With Neural Cognition

The anatomic basis of every logo is consistent, however, their unique composition is formed through individual experience.

Firing Synapses

Deep Learning is characterized by the constant movement of information. Activity stimulates thought signals that fly through the neural framework.

The Mark in the Real World

The brand mark is a true creation of the technology it represents, designed to look beautiful on digital and interactive displays.

Translating the Living Mark to an Avatar

DeepCube’s logo is intentionally crafted primarily for digital display, but Rainfall wanted a short-hand version as well. When necessary, an algorithm interprets the composition of the dynamic mark and simplifies it into an avatar that structurally represents its original form.

Taken From Neural Networks

DeepCube operates through an approach called neural network “sparsification,” where large complex networks are simplified through a regime of constant training. Rainfall’s avatar is created by assessing all possible node and layer combinations and keeping only those that visually resemble the initial logo.


Breathing Life Into the Simplified Brand Mark

Thought signals traverse the avatar mark, connecting nodes and maintaining a constant state of motion that expresses the ceaseless progress of Artificial intelligence. Color is also used to highlight the position of activity, and follow the signals around the mark.

A Fluid Approach to Typography

The typography is as varied as the brand mark, mixing multiple weights from thin to bold, to black. GT America Expanded and Extended offer a wide stance, intentionally contradicting a mark with “deep” in its name to signify that AI doesn’t have to adhere to predetermined rules.

Messages That Appear From the Depths

Titles and messages move on the vertical axis, rising and sinking into the horizon to extend the notion of depth that is inherent to the brand.

The Brand in Print

A wide range of print materials offers a platform for the mark to present numerous versions of itself.

Informative Iconography

Iconography is used for both literal and abstract communication of ideas, including the capabilities, use cases, or differentiating factors of DeepCube’s platform. Icons always exist within a cube or breaking out of one, so as to seamlessly work with the core mark.

An Electric Color Palette

A series of bright colors inject life into the brand, just as flashing LEDs on server racks let technicians know the machinery is healthy. Colors ranging from dark blue to bright yellow bridge the gap between black and white, and resemble the dawn sky, signaling a new era for intelligent computing.

Naturally Interactive

More than just an online brochure, the landing page itself is a feat in technical engineering. Multiple layers of WebGL Canvas bring a neural network to life with the help of a particle system that makes efficient use of the GPU, similar to DeepCube’s platform.

For the Techies, Rainfall Used

1. WebGL
2. Lindenmayer tree (L-system)
3. GPU particle system
4. PostProcessingVertex Buffer Object (VBO)
5. Frame Buffer Object (FBO)

An Experience With Added Depth

For investors and partners, a more robust version of the website dives deeper into the technical characteristics and advantages of the platform, complete with interactive elements that explain neural network training, inference speeds, and accuracy over time.

A Brand Built With Empathy

Created through a study in human psychology and self-awareness, Rainfall developed an identity that connects the digital and physical worlds and uses intelligent technology to recognize and respond to individuals and experiences.

The identity speaks to the company’s name and the power of their platform

Rainfall’s partnership with DeepCube resulted in a dynamic brand expression that uses deep learning to recognize its audience and respond with a unique logo based on a standard visual framework.

By creating a useful application from powerful new technology, DeepCube’s identity is an expression of its core values and an example that science and art can combine to create beautiful results.

DeepCube’s identity continuously evolves as it reacts to and learns from its ever-changing environment.

About Rainfall

Rainfall is a design studio that specializes in brand identity, interactive experiences, and digital products to alluring visual identities.

They love both coasts and have studios in New York City and Seattle where they build delightful and effective solutions for a wide range of clients.