A Racial Inequality Campaign Might Change The Search Algorithms For Photo Stocks

A Brazilian NGO, Desabafo Social and Agency We partnered on a social awareness campaign, named #SearchForEquality.

Search algorithms for the stock banks seem to change faster than we think. The biggest independent agency in Brazil, Agency We created a campaign to basically highlight the racism in society.

Desabafo Social  is an NGO that fights racism and for black representativity and it is targeting some of the biggest stock image providers in the world. Similar to Dove’s Image_Hack campaign, Desabafo get Google and Shutterstuck to change their algorithms and remove the need to include the word “black” to find black people pictures on search results.

Created in 2011 by Monique Evelle, the organization uses communication and technology to promote education in human rights through training and content production.

Monique Evelle, Activist and Founder of Desabafo Social, says,

These algorithm flaws can be fixed for social equality. We are inviting all the Image Banks for a chat to see how it can be improved. We know it is a global issue, these search flaws can be found all over the internet, not only related to the Image Banks, however, if everybody does their share, it is possible to change this reality.

The ‘stock image stereotype’ issue is getting more serious day after day, and it is a good thing for the awareness in the industry. Because ultimately, it makes sense that typing “black” in a 54% population of black people-living country is a bit pointless. 

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