Powerful Hacks for Creating Responsive Business Websites

In the vast online competition, it’s imperative to be ahead of others. The website is the most crucial factor to capture the user’s attention. Because it takes only 0.05 seconds for a user to decide whether to stay or not.

The website is composed of different factors like content, images, graphics, etc. The way it appears to the audience is even more important. So, to run an online business successfully, you need a good web layout that takes your brand to another level.

For a better and more user-friendly website the right theme, color, videos, images,  text style, visual hierarchy etc are very important for a website. The interactive features are important for a productive outlook to the visitor. 


Your user read about your brand from your website. Make sure the responsive web design should help to make your business credible online. 

What Are The Important Hacks for Creating Responsive Business Websites?

Different website elements tell the story of your company. So make sure that you have attractive, user-friendly and a responsive website. eCommerce website developers provide an excellent design that can easily represent the working of your business.

We will discuss the different aspects of powerful hacks for creating a responsive business website.

Better Themes

Themes are layout or the design of your company website which is seen by every visitor. If there is one thing that can put a positive impact on a website is its design.

There are various platforms for creating websites. But choosing the best theme smartly is essential to meet the needs of your brand. Themes add life to the design. Your design speaks a lot about your brand. So always select the compatible design. Avoid tacky design which is overly filled.

With the theme customization, you can make the changes in design parameters like height, font, content etc. The flexible width theme can make changes according to the design. With this, you can display the content with more added images, videos, etc on theme design.

Make sure that images, content, the video should be fit in the specific height and width. You can use different software for editing.

The clutter on your website can make your website down in the market so avoid the clutter factor in the design. Simple and user-friendly website design without any unnecessary frills and embellishments is the way to go. One bad design of a website can divert the mind of your visitor to become your customer.

Unique and elegant web design is more enticing. The fewer the interface, the better the model. A good design can engage more visitors and turn them into your regular customers. If the information is relevant and minimal, the user can understand everything easily. You can check some of the best WordPress themes for digital agencies to understand what I mean better.

This will further increase the conversion rate of the page and reduce the bounce rate. Minimal design and content take less time to load. Simple design makes it more credible and can be easily navigated by the users.

Better Browsing 

Quality is always preferred over quantity in every aspect of doing business. Your business can sustain if you are giving quality content at a fast speed. Users want the quality and speed irrespective of any platform. 

Speed is something that matters the most on the website. If your website takes time to load then there are chances that users may leave the website instantly. The longer time will put a wrong impression on your audience. 

So it’s imperative to check the speed of the website. You can analyze it on Google Page Speed Insights. To improve the speed, you need to check the factors like how bulky the page is, embedded media on the website. These factors can slow down the speed of the website.

You should consider these factors when you are creating a new responsive website and there is no content loss with a better layout, themes, etc and it will be represented in a better format.

Accessible Contact Information

Contact information is something that youIr visitor always looks for on the website.  You can easily integrate the contact form on a desktop site or share a link on a mobile site so that you can easily find the contact information.  Make sure your visitors don’t have to waste time searching for your contact information.

Mobile-friendly Approach 

Building a website is not enough if it is not mobile-friendly. Most customers use their phone often in comparison to a desktop. So it is important to make you have a responsive website and enrich it with more exclusive features. 

mobile friendly approach for  responsive website

This approach is better for the engagement of users in terms of designing and development. Your designer can design the different parts of the mobile to make it more user-friendly. For  a mobile-friendly and responsive website consider factors like design, loading speed, font type for a better mobile site. Also, make sure your device is compatible with every platform.

Social Media Friendly 

Nowadays, every single person in the world is having an account on social media. Almost 2.96 billion people are using social media. So with the tremendous change in life, social media becomes the largest platform to connect people and to do business effortlessly.

Social media is an excellent tool for connecting the new audiences and building deeper relationships with your current customers. 

Make your website more social media friendly so that it would be easy for you to approach the new visitors anywhere and anytime. Social media services work better for all types of business professionals.

For creating a responsive website always integrate your social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with a website. This will help you to showcase your work and connect with targeted audiences.

Use Icons 

Icons or symbols are very useful in creating a responsive website. Even the naive user can easily understand the symbol. 

Text can be boring but symbols can make your website even more interesting. If your mobile site has long text then there are chances that visitors read it rarely. Another factor is that the site may look bulky and it takes a long-time to scroll. 

You can change the text with an icon that will enhance its look. Also, you can use the images and icons that will tell the story of your content. Add the buttons with understandable icons. 

Taking an example of a cosmetic product such as lipstick. This icon makes the visitor understand that this is something about makeup. It makes your content more compact and clear. You can add icons on the sidebar or below that clearly define the category.

Wrapping up

Above we have reviewed some of the tactics for responsive business websites. Every technique is essential to increase traffic. If you want more traffic then choose the right methods to make the website more accessible.

All you need to do is to keep up with the latest trends that will keep you ahead in the competition. Hopefully, this article will give you the best knowledge about the different tactics for creating a responsive website.

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