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Posts Into Letters – An Online Platform Transforming Social Media Posts Into Handwritten Letters To Change Gun Laws

Area 23, Change the Ref and Great Guns collaborated on a campaign film for an initiative, named “Posts Into Letters”.

Aiming to change gun laws, Posts Into Letters is a web platform where people can turn their social media posts into powerful handwritten letters to Congress.

Thanks to the end-to-end creative company Imagination International Inc., people who want to give this campaign support are able to print out and mail the posts themselves or they can choose it to be done automatically.

What makes these letters meaningful is the font developed by the handwriting of a shooting victim, Joaquin Oliver. Whose parents donated his handwriting for this project. He was one of the 17 students who were killed during February 14’s mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


Joaquin’s parents, Manuel and Patricia Oliver, cofounded Change the Ref (CTR), a non-profit organization aims to empower the next generation to fight for their values, and have their voices heard.

The co-founders shared on CTR’s website that, “After every mass shooting, Americans go online to post their frustrations and calls for change. Few write letters to Congress, which 96%* of Capitol Hill staff says is the most effective way to influence politicians. The representatives who change gun laws can’t ignore the power of handwritten letters.”

Laura Gregory, CEO and Executive Producer of Great Guns, said:

The Area 23 team approached us with the deck for ‘Posts Into Letters’ and we were on the plane within hours of reading it. We knew that, properly executed, an idea as powerful as this would impact their cause in a way nobody would be able to ignore.

Directed by Chris Neal, the campaign film is featuring Parkland students and the victims’ parents who are sharing the importance behind #PostsIntoLetters.

Director Chris Neal shared:

Our responsibility as filmmakers is to capture events and translate them into emotional content. We were so lucky to have so many students and advocates in Parkland come forward and share their stories and determination with us.

Seeing tens of thousands pull together and turn their individual shock, frustration and grief into one unified voice for change was incredibly moving and powerful. It was a real labour of love and passion, which I hope will inspire others to stand up against archaic gun laws, write to the political representatives, and advocate for change. It was an honour to be a part of this important venture.

Executive Producer, Thom Fennessey, added:

As a gun control advocate, I wasn’t quite prepared for my own emotional reaction when I arrived at the school to start filming. It was overwhelming seeing the school surrounded by police cars, flowers, candles, and a mile-long fence of signs professing love and support.

Very fortunately, in a short period of time we were able to meet so many ardent and passionate advocates as they prepared for the march, who were willing to share with us their experiences, strength and hope. They were all amazing and inspiring.

Sharing your words that reflect your frustrations and never-again messages against gun attacks seems easier and effective when you do it on social media.

On the other hand, sending all these thoughts in handwritten letters to Congress seems more permanent and impressive way as social media posts disappear quickly.

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