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Those Pesky SEO Myths

SEO myths will never completely go out of style.

In its few decades of existence, search engine optimization has undergone a lot of changes, particularly in areas that concern techniques in performing SEO work.

True to its continuously evolving nature, SEO has seen many of the methods that used to work fizzle out, as well as new discoveries that make optimization even more interesting than ever before. The problem with these many changes, however, is that they tend to sow confusion among those involved in the SEO field.

There would be people who will claim, for example, that guest blogging as a link-building technique is already dead. Even more annoying is that pesky SEO myth that promises instant results for a given fee. Making it worse is the fact that people still fall for this SEO myth, and fall hard.

Check out the infographic below to see some of the most persistent SEO myths around:

16-seo-myths you-should-ignore-completely-infographic

SEO is probably one of the most puzzling and often misunderstood online marketing strategy. As long as there are people who believe them, SEO myths will persist.

On the other hand, we still have to try to debunk SEO myths as much as we can simply because it can save people from a lot of trouble.

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