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Pay-Per-Click Strategies You Should Be Implementing In 2019

Now that 2019 is here, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your Pey-Per-Click management strategy.

The best way to succeed with paid search marketing is to revisit existing best practices, see what have worked and what didn’t as well as learn new ideas and strategies.

Here are the most notable 2019 PPC trends you should know about.

Multi-channel campaigns

The days of relying on a single channel for marketing are long gone. More companies are embracing cross-channel advertising.

A pay per click advertising agency can help you implement the best attribution model for your unique business.

Video ads

Videos are becoming one of the most dominant forms of content on the internet. More search engine result pages are favouring video content, especially from YouTube. For example, Google is using vertical video ads for mobile users.

This year, digital marketers are allowing more budget to implementing shorter video ads with highly targeted content.

Check out 6 tips on how to produce vertical video for Instagram TV, using examples from video-focused news and lifestyle blogs.


If you haven’t dived into the world of re-targeting or re-marketing yet, now’s the time. This type of advertising allows you to show ads to people who have already been to your site.

Take advantage of this tool, and you’ll notice your ROI and conversion rates increase.


Artificial intelligence and automation are becoming more relevant for advertisers. While it’s not at the point where you can solely rely on machines without human intelligence, it’s a great time to experiment with automation more.

There are plenty of useful automation features that are built into Google Ads.

People instead of keywords

Keywords are certainly an important aspect of PPC, and that isn’t changing any time soon. However, it’s not feasible to put all your focus on keywords to the point you neglect the human audience you’re trying to reach.

Designing and placing your ad with a specific audience in mind instead of just relying on top keywords will help your PPC strategy improve.

Advertising alternatives

Google isn’t the only lucrative platform out there. Here are some other opportunities to consider and their useful features:

• Facebook: Instant storefront with an automatically generated video of products.
• Bing: Local inventory ads.
• Pinterest: Direct product purchases and recommendations.

You can also try Amazon, Snapchat, and LinkedIn for different audiences. Consider how diversifying your PPC budget will benefit you in the long run.

Test new features

Don’t be afraid to try new things in 2019. Some noteworthy new features include:

• Promotion extensions in Google Ads
• Outstream mobile video campaigns in Google Ads
• Bid adjustments for ads with phone call extensions in Google Ads
• AI-powered Audience Network in Bing Ads

While it can be easy to stay with what is reliable and familiar, take a chance with some of these new features that platforms are rolling out.

Voice search

Voice searches are constantly increasing and becoming more complex as users search for more complex questions on a topic.

You may need to take some action on voice search right away and keep track of voice search trends throughout the year. Take a look at the voice search trends and adjust keywords or add new campaigns as necessary.

Building online brand loyalty

In recent years, it’s been common for digital advertisers to forget about the importance of brand-building when it comes to PPC.

Make it a New Year’s resolution to remember brand-building. PPC isn’t just about ROI.

When you place your ads, do it with the goal of creating a demand for your products and loyalty to your company.

Custom mobile ads

The prevalence of searches on mobile devices has been steadily increasing for years. If you haven’t embraced mobile PPC ads, now is the time to get into the game.

Neglecting the importance of mobile devices may find their budgets wasted and opportunities lost.

Intellectual property protection

If you don’t consider protecting your brand as part of your PPC strategy, now’s the time to get into that mindset. As you monitor your ads, check how your trademark is being used and take action when necessary.

Integrating a brand protection strategy within your PPC marketing will help you represent your company more effectively to customers and enjoy lower cost-per-click.

Review your budget

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a routine without re-evaluating your budget. Thoroughly examine your PPC spending and consider what you can change.

A great place to start is seeing if you can use budgets from less successful campaigns to fuel the most successful ones. You may also be able to shift funds between channels.

Collaborate and seek other perspectives

It’s no longer sustainable to put yourself into the same methods and habits. PPC is constantly changing. Take some time in 2019 to find second opinions and friendly resources. Being open to new ideas and seeking advice will strengthen your overall approach.

The new year is bringing tons of updates to PPC, from automation to mobile preference. These changes are exciting and a sign that the world of PPC is always going to be a shifting landscape.

Face these trends head-on with the help of a PPC agency for a winning strategy throughout the new year.

If you’re looking to discover more about pay-per-click marketing, Eythor Westman, Head of Paid Media at Ignite Visibility, tells you everything you need to know: How Does Pap-Per-Click Work?

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