Partnered With Frank, The Forme Launches A Sophisticated eCommerce Experience For The Modern Woman

The team behind The Forme believes in empowering women in their style choices, offering a carefully curated range of bespoke products that are stylish, sophisticated and elegantly refined.

Inspired by this ethos, Frank Digital designed an online shopping destination that delivers a
seamless experience across all facets of the brand.


Design Process

Working with the client’s brand agency, Frank developed a complete digital strategy, defining the
entire architecture, user experience and interface interactions across all facets of the shopping
journey. The aim of the agency was to celebrate the quality of the brands and enable effortless engagement throughout the experience.


Powerful eCommerce solution

Building upon the Shopify engine, Frank’s development team crafted a completely bespoke
eCommerce experience, delivering a sophisticated solution that is powerful, scalable and



Mobile-first, naturally

As with all of their eCommerce projects, Frank designed their solution to be mobile-first, ensuring that
the experience flows elegantly across all screen sizes. With mobile eCommerce now accounting
for nearly 40% of total sales worldwide, their approach has ensured The Forme is set for
continued success.



Enabling strategic brand growth

At Frank, the team think beyond the initial product design to ensure continued growth and

In collaboration with the team behind The Forme, Frank designed a complete digital
strategy for customer engagement and SEO, driving engagement and achieving ongoing
success for The Forme.