Pantone Will Present Its Color Commentary On Social Media During Super Bowl

After 2 rivaling teams have similar color schemes on Super Bowl, the Colour Institute Company plans to post some insights on Intagram and Twitter.

Pantone seems very excited for the Super Bowl this year. That’s because this is the first time two teams with alike color schemes will be competing against each other at the Big Game. Pantone partnered with agency of record Huge for its first Super Bowl initiative, titled “Big Game Color Commentary”, which will take over the company’s Twitter account and Instagram Stories on Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers both have red as their primary team color. While the naked eye would be able to tell that the Kansas City Chiefs’ main hue is lighter, the shades are actually just one point apart from each other in the Pantone matching system—the Chiefs sport Pantone 186 C, while the 49ers use 187 C. the company might mention Pantone 3945 C in regards to a yellow flag or Pantone 1585 C for Cheetos’ ad. The company initially considered commenting on Mr. Peanut’s funeral, but chose other ads as Planters hit pause on the campaign in light of Kobe Bryant’s death.

Jason Musante, CCO at Huge commented,

Pantone sees this as a natural and authoritative way to join one of the biggest marketing moments of the year. This adds a fun, participatory element that shines a light on a brand that’s well known within creative communities, and leverages the game to spread their message to people not as familiar. They make sure the color of the 49er jersey I wear is the same color as the jersey on the field. Pantone is why we wear the correct color of our teams.

To celebrate the first time such a coincidence has occurred in all 57 years of the Super Bowl’s history, Pantone announced that it will make a live “#BigGameColorCommentary” on the Big Game online. The color standards even changed its profile picture to show its support for the two teams.

The company also tweeted,

As color nerds we’re excited because this is the first time the Big Game pits two teams with the same primary team color against each other. Which are you rooting for?

The company announced Classic Blue as its 2020 Color of the Year impressively. For this one, stay tuned as it presents live shares of the Super Bowl “through the lens of PANTONE”.