PACK Agency Founder Tom Jarvis Talks About His Experience And Insights on Agency’s Journey

Tom Jarvis, the Founder of PACK Agency told us about how he is managing the daily work, his experience with PACK and their clients.

Based in London, PACK offers performance marketing for the brands of tomorrow. PACK is the only agency offering Paid Social, Search and Display advertising for Start-Ups & Scale-Ups.

The Founder of PACK by Wilderness, Tom Jarvis answered our questions on the agency background, challenges and motives.

Q1: As the Founder of PACK Agency, what was your motivation to start your own company in the digital marketing industry?

PACK is the new offering from the team at Wilderness Agency. I founded Wilderness four years with the belief that agencies could be better. Four years in, we have a team of close to 40 in both London and Amsterdam, delivering award-winning work for some of the biggest entertainment and consumer brand clients in the world. 

As an independent agency, we’ve always felt and acted like a start-up and been surrounded by them. With PACK, we have strived to create a service that can truly impact start-up and scale-up businesses. Those with founding who are ready to market their product often want to start with digital advertising but they don’t have access to a media agency or the expertise in-house to fun effective advertising campaigns. This is where PACK comes in, we’ve created three tailored packages to meet a scale-up businesses need at a cost we think will be really attractive.   

Q2: What was the main challenge that you faced during the first months of PACK Agency?

We’ve been incubating PACK for some time and have already worked with a cluth of start-ups to refine the process and offering to ensure we can best serve their needs. We think our three packages, Paid Social, ECommerce and Paid 360 are perfect for any post-investment business looking to scale their marketing. 

For us, the main challenge is to now demonstrate the huge value we believe digital advertising can have on a scale-up whilst ensuring they understand it’s no silver bullet and that the product still needs to be desirable, priced competitively, and the user experience at every touchpoint is memorable. 

Q3: Both failures and accomplishments teach a lot. Could you name some experiences that have shaped your career?

I started Wilderness having previously worked in Entertainment and then as a digital consultant. That experience going out on my own, with a good friend of mine was a huge learning curve. We made plenty of mistakes along the way but the power of having to earn a wage for yourself each month was hugely liberating. I took the learnings from that failed venture into Wilderness knowing that the traditional agency model was changing. 


Q4: How do you place your company in the industry in terms of unique features of PACK Agency?

PACK by Wilderness is the only Performance Marketing offering created specifically for start-up and scale-up businesses. We’ve created the whole offering and team to deliver for the fast-paced demanding world of start-ups. 

If you are looking to invest in digital advertising to grow awareness, promote a new product offering, or drive more leads, then PACK is for you. We are looking for the best scale-up businesses who have secured funding and support their rocket-ship growth. Our award-winning team have experience working with some of the most established entertainment and consumer brands in the world and we can apply that knowledge and expertise to your scale-up business. 

Q5: You have a range of clients from different industries such as a media company and a restaurant. How do you make sure you provide the best services for all of your clients?

Yeah, the experience the team at Wilderness brings is having worked for the likes of HBO, Ellesse, Warner Bros, the Football League, NBC Universal, and Penguin to name just a few. 

We’ve taken that experience and applied it to some of the most exciting start-ups in the UK and beyond, following a partnership with London Business School and through our promotion on Digital Agency Network. In the last few months, we’ve helped launch a Vodka brand in the UK, supported an emerging jewellery brand to grow sales, helped an independent restaurant launch it’s the second site and worked with a kids education platform to sell through Amazon. 

This experience has helped us hone of offering to focus on providing Performance Marketing for the brands of tomorrow. 

Q6: We know that you worked for cross-agency management and relationship building in the past. How does this experience contribute to your current role in terms of client relationships?

The experience we have from growing Wilderness is working as a long-term partner for established businesses who are often going through some ‘change’ or an inflection point. Many of our relationships are built over a number of years and our team are a dedicated partner often working on a single client. This allows our team to get under the skin of the client and means they become an extension of our clients team. 

We therefore intrinsically understand change and how to support a client team through this. Those expertise are vital when working with fast-growth start-ups where no two days are the same and things rarely stand-still. 

Q7: For start-ups, do you recommend a specific marketing strategy such as social ad campaigns or a more comprehensive advertising method including various elements?

We believe that digital advertising can truly impact and help a scale-up reach their potential, we’ve created a whole product offering and team to do just that. However, it’s not a silver bullet and shouldn’t be seen as the only way to achieve your goals. 

Paid Media should be one of at least seven touch points you have with your audience in order to try and convert them into a customer. That means you are going to need other marketing and comms channels in the mix. 

That said, Performance marketing can be the trigger for a fan or follower to take action. With extensive re-targeting opportunities, we can hit relevant audiences multiple times with unique messaging and creative. 


Q8: How do you keep your team motivated and how is the working environment in your office?

As any start-up founder will tell you part of the job is to inspire and motivate the team. We are incredibly lucky to have built an amazing team at Wilderness and work with such supportive and interesting clients. 

Our mission is to deliver value and impact every day for brands that we are passionate about and my role is to ensure we are living up to that mission every day. Part of the way we do that is to be conscious communicators and we are currently working on a conscious communication charter which will layout our commitment to working with brands to have a positive impact on society in a way that supports our people to bring the best version of themselves to work every day. 

With PACK we are  a supporter of CAN the Conscious Advertising Network, whose aim is to take a stand against unethical practice in advertising, and are committed to not only complying with the ethical standards they have laid out across six key areas but also to educate the start-ups and scale-ups brands we work with to be more conscious of their advertising practices and the effects this can have on society. 

Our main office, based in Shoreditch is a lively and creative space and we are excited to have just set up an office in Amsterdam. This is the first step towards further international ambitions and I’m excited about the opportunity of taking what we have achieved with Wilderness and PACK to other parts of the world. 

Q9: How does being a DAN member contribute to PACK Agency’s success?

DAN has been a great partner for us during the early stages of PACK. We’ve been incubating the model for a number of months working with a small cohort of start-ups and our relationship with these brands came directly from DAN or our partnership with London Business School. 

This early traction has allowed us to refine our positioning, the offering, our internal processes and costs and has meant we are in a really strong position to go-to-market with something we feel is completely unique. PACK is the only Performance Marketing solution built for start-ups and being a member of the Digital Agency Network keeps us plugged into a world of start-ups looking to grow into the brands of tomorrow. 

About PACK Agency

PACK offers performance marketing for the brands of tomorrow. PACK is the only agency offering Paid Social, Search and Display advertising for Start-Ups & Scale-Ups.