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How To Optimize Copy To Boast Conversions

For all savvy retailers, here’s how quality copy can earn you conversions and create a competitive advantage!

When it comes to sales, it’s all ultimately a numbers game…

The higher your conversion numbers, the higher your success rate. However getting conversions can be quite a feat and it all boils down to the written word.

Internet is not just a visual medium, but also a verbal medium. Often more priority is given to design over content. While design is important, its chief role is to present the content.

Ecommerce copy requires the persuasive skills of a salesperson and the writing skills of a novelist.

Here are some simple tips to make your content gripping and to improve your conversions:


While it can get tempting to sound fancy and use jargons, it can confuse your users. Keep away from convoluted copy and stick to delivering your message in a simple manner.

Lead people in with well-written, useful copy that highlights the selling points. Clarity trumps persuasion.

Also, product descriptions don’t always have to be fun, spec-heavy or story-driven.

Tips: Avoid using too many adjectives as they tend to destroy from the main point and also add to the length of the sentences, requiring more effort from your reader.

The watch-makers at INSTRMNT match their minimalist watch design with using simple, functional copy. Sometimes you don’t have to say much to say a lot.

instrmnt copy ecommerce good
INSTRMNT2 creative ecom store


The online equivalent of asking for sale, CTAs are crucial reminders to your audience to make a purchase. They draw in people’s attention and act as a breadcrumb trail, leading customers further down your conversion funnel.

Tips: CTAs can probe the user to subscribe, purchase, personalize, write reviews, or request social shares. You can get creative when adding CTAs – they can be in the form of pop-ups, big flashy buttons, slides, headers etc. In long descriptions, add CTAs periodically and in short ones add them at the end.

The Kate Spade’s temporary Saturday spin-off website with its hip tone and flamboyant colors, uses a lot of CTAs to keep the user engaged. With a playful approach reflected in all its marketing – from newsletter signup pop-ups to emails to tweets to personalization options, this is a website that has tons to do!

katespade creative ecommerce copy

katespade creative ecommerce copy


It’s no secret that ecommerce users are lazy, they do not want to go through lengthy texts.

You have mere seconds to engage your visitor before they are off and most of the time you’ll be lucky if your copy gets read at all. So try to get all your information across as quickly and concisely as possible. No pressure!

Tips: Highlight the main benefits of your products and use space or bullet points to break up the information to make it seem easier to read visually. Paragraphs add texture to your products, eliciting a deeper emotional response.

Keeping it fabulous and posh, but also concise. The brilliant university outfitter Jack Wills is all about being crisp and being British by using attention-grabbing, quality and to-the-point copy.

jackwills copy creative ecommerce


Don’t be a site without a soul. Opt for a friendly, personal tone over a corporate clinical one, it will warm your users to your brand more and make you stand out.

It shows them that the brand has some personality and creates stronger connections with the

To add a dash of personality to your site, think about your brand as a person: what would he sound like? what would he say? what jokes would he crack? what stories would he tell? The more human your site, the more the chances of engaging your potential buyers.

Tips: Keep your voice consistent, conflicting voices may create a negative impact with your user.

AYRBonobos’ store for the ladies is bursting with witty and enthralling copy. And we are totally digging it!

ayr ecommerce creative copy

ayr ecommerce creative copy

The model CUSTOMER

When writing compelling copy, keep in mind your ideal customer. Write directly to them. This helps building a connection with those most likely to buy your product.

What would ‘speak’ to your ideal customer? What would pique their interest? What features would tempt them most? Answer these. If your users come to your site and automatically find what they seek, you’ll have them hooked.

Tips: You can also look at your consumer testimonials to match their language and way of speaking. You can directly address their needs with what you offer and thus lure them in.

Here’s a brand that knows its voice and isn’t afraid to scream it out loud. Nasty Gals strong copy mirrors the brands persona to perfection – like its audience, it’s cool, informal and even provocative.  We know we are already sold!

nastygal1 ecommerce copy
nastygal creative ecommerce copy

nastygal creative ecommerce copy

For a successful ecommerce copy that brings about conversions, enhance and hone all your “C’s” – Keep it CLEAN & CLICHE-FREE, CONCISE, full of CHARACTER & CALL-TO-ACTIONS, as well as, ideal for your prime CUSTOMER.

What are some of your favorite ecommerce websites that have excellent content?

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