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OnBrand 2017

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OnBrand goal is to bring together the brightest minds in the industry to give talks that are educational, insightful and inspirational.

This year they’re planning to have our largest gathering to date, 2000 marketing and branding professionals under one roof, looking for inspiration and insights into how they can engage audiences in innovative ways.

Their current speaker lineup includes Jay Curley, Maddie Raedts  and Jez Frampton. More speakers can be found at their website.

OnBrand 2017 is a fantastic opportunity to meet 2,000 international marketing professionals and learn from the industry’s best and brightest speakers.

The event attracts a broad range of people including CEOs, CMOs, brand managers, creative directors, marketing executive, communications professionals and designers.

Here are the highlights from the OnBrand’16:

OnBrand will take place at SugarCity which is one of the most controversial re-developments of industrial heritage in Europe this year.

SugarCity is a unique industrial event venue and still exudes the raw, industrial vibe of the former sugar factory, but is also lent plenty of character by the exquisite industrial decor.

Check out this video to find out more about the venue here:

OnBrand was created by OnBrand Magazine which is the branding magazine for marketing professionals.

Special discount for DAN member agencies and readers:

DAN Global is the media partner of the OnBrand 2017! DAN readers will get a 30% discount on the regular participation fee using the booking code “DANGlobal30” on the conference website.

2000 marketing professionals from across the globe will gather in Amsterdam to share strategies, best practices and valuable insights!

Interested? For more details visit event website.

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