NJI Media to Produce Interactives the Website of the WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), leading wildlife and endangered species conservation organization, turned to NJI Media to produce several interactives for its website.

The goal was to complement reports, articles, and other assets with rich digital experiences that advance key initiatives.

Project Brief

Our first project focused on the issues of illegal fishing and overfishing of the world’s oceans. After working with WWF to identify messaging points, NJI Media fleshed out concepts and scenes that would serve as foundations for the interactive experience.

NJI Media’s Approach

Blended artistry and science to tell powerful stories that support WWF’s mission.

NJI Media’s design team illustrated every asset and collaborated with developers to ensure animations would translate effectively online.


Multiple layers allowed them to animate each stage of the fishing-to-consumer process, while scalable vector graphics delivered optimal resolution. With a fully responsive site and WWF’s mobile viewership at 80 percent, NJI Media is designed for mobile-first. Their goal was to deliver an exceptional user experience in every aspect, of any device.

From a visual perspective, NJI Media used subtle animations, deep-sea hues, and simplified illustrations to engage users’ focus.

After this project, NJI Media partnered with WWF to produce digital interactives about water shortages in the the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo region, endangered rhinoceros species, and the bison’s significance to the Northern Great Plains. Each feature blends artistry and science to tell powerful stories that support WWF’s mission.

About NJI Media

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