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How to develop an edgy, mobile-first micro-site tailored towards millennials with a passion for football?

To promote the launch of their new Champion League away kits to the German market, global athletics brand Nike teamed up with 11Teamsports, one of Germany’s biggest football retailers.

But they still needed help in getting the new jerseys in front of millennials with a passion for football. Through their edgy, mobile-first micro-site, Hy.am Studios enabled both brands to achieve their goals.


They wanted this campaign to frame football as a broader cultural phenomenon. After detailed research and ideation, they came up with three ‘topics’ – time, space, and lifestyle – to help define potential design directions.

Eventually, they settled on “lifestyle,” since it best-positioned football as an everyday subject, which extends beyond sport to the community, pop culture, and streetwear.


Then they got to work, crafting together a coherent story out of a mix of images, videos, and text. After four weeks of close collaboration with both clients’ marketing teams, they conceptualized and developed an immersive shopping experience for the campaign.

Visualizing the phenomenon

To position football as an all-encompassing phenomenon, Hy.am Studios combined and juxtaposed images of famous football players and stadiums with those of rappers and local influencers – evoking the gritty spirit of Berlin streets.

A young, authentic look

After incorporating the client’s brand codes, they enhanced the design with vibrant rose colors and eye-catching graphics. Opting for a sophisticated yet raw editorial approach, they also edited, modified, and remixed the original Nike campaign images.

Mobile-first UX

After gaining valuable insights into target users, they focused on delivering a mobile-first, shoppable lookbook – which was later adapted for desktops.

An immersive shopping experience

They created a seamless online shopping experience enabling the user to browse hundreds of items without leaving the campaign micro-site. Simple and clutter-free product models and easy-to-use navigation further fostered a frictionless user experience.

Outcome/ Impact

This campaign inspired thousands of football lovers to create their own style while also driving company sales and generating widespread exposure for local celebrities.

About HY.AM Studios

HY.AM STUDIOS combines creativity, craft, and technology to create products and brand experiences that refine culture and impact people’s lives.