Nifty Marketing Australia Delivering a Website to the Largest Aluminium Extrusion Distributors

Nifty Marketing Australia was initially approached to run Google Ads Campaigns and Social Media Marketing during the initial stages of the relationship.

Darley Aluminium, one of Australia’s largest aluminium extrusion distributors, had the need for fast turnaround times and dedicated marketing and web development support from a single agency to suit the budget requirements they were able to afford.

Working closely and building a sold relationship Nifty Marketing was able to prove and succeed beyond expectations and was also later involved in consulting the form with requirements that were needed.

From here the redevelopment of the Darley Aluminium Website was required and hence the project begun with putting together a website that would engage the user and keep them on page to browse and peruse the website with ease due to the industries complex nature, helping fabricators find the information required.

The Flow of Darley Aluminium’s Website

Looking at the current website at the time, here at Nifty Marketing Australia they noticed that Darley’s Website needed to be given a whole new design that allowed their customers to find their way around the site easily.

Product Pages

Nifty Marketing Australia started off by creating individual product pages that accompanied all the differing aluminium products Darley was selling. Each page has different tabs such as a ‘Wers rating’ tab which shows the different performance rates. There was a problem that came up with Darley Aluminium where they wanted to continuously update the tables on the website.

What Nifty Marketing Australia did for Darley was create Google sheets for each product they sell. Nifty Marketing Australia then linked the Google sheets to all the product pages based on each product; this enables all edits to be live onto the site along with having more than one individual editing the tables. They also created a ‘Technical Manuals’ tab whereby the users could download that product’s manual, this saves the users time in looking through different PDF files searching for the manual needed.

There is also a ‘CAD Drawings’ tab, where users can only download the PDF if they are logged in. Therefore, keeping all products drawings internal to Darley Aluminium users.

Technical Know Hows

For each product page there is a YouTube video based on that product covering all aspects of what the product is and where it could be applied. There is a Technical Specifications section where the customer can view the crucial facts about the product such as the dimensions and glass thickness. Along with some diagrams of the actual product, they have inserted a ‘Related Products’ section which allows customers to view the differing variety of similar products available at Darley Aluminium.


At Nifty Marketing they love showing off all the different projects they’ve accomplished, take a look into some of the work they’ve done for their customers here. So naturally, for Darley Aluminium they created a projects tab on the main menu to show others what their products have been used for along with where they were fixated. This enables Darley’s customers to have an overview where all of Darley’s products have been used and could relate to some of their situations.


Moving onto the E-Catalogues section on the menu, with each catalogue they set it so that the PDF is viewed as a flipbook. Darley came up with a little problem where they had to pay for a software to play an animation. At Nifty Marketing Australia, they came up with a solution that cut off that expense Darley had to make monthly. Along with a flipbook animated PDF, Nifty Marketing Australia set up buttons below the PDF that allows customers to view the section they want to look at, as the customer clicks on the button, a PDF of that section would pop up allowing for them to get straight to the point on what they’re looking for.

Registration Forms

For new users wanting to sign up onto the Darley Aluminium website, they created a ‘Registration Form’ tab in the menu allowing for easy access directly to the page the user is looking for. Once the user signs up, one of the state managers will be notified according to where the customer is located. Before the user can have access to PDF’s and other sections of the site, the manager must first check the credentials and be sure the “user” is not a spammer and then once they’re happy with what they see, they can then tick the user as approved and in a matter of seconds, the user will receive an email saying they now have full access to the PDF’s and drawings of the selling products.


At Nifty Marketing Australia they like to make it easy and simple for people to get in touch with them, take a look at their website here and you’ll see what they mean. With Darley Aluminium Nifty Marketing Australia made it simple for users and customers to get in touch about products or any issues they may be experiencing. On each page, there are contact buttons which lead straight to an email and allows them to enquire.


Along with ‘Contact Buttons’ they also created a ‘Contact Us’ page which gets straight to the point with both a contact form and phone numbers to call. This allows for Clients of Darley Aluminium to get in contact seamlessly with them and have their enquiries answered within minutes. They also added a feature with all the Social Media Links Darley has to prompt individuals to stay tuned for updates on products or the company itself. Speaking of staying in touch, follow their Instagram page here for promotions on all aspects of website design.

About Darley Aluminium

Did you know Darley Aluminium is one of the largest distributors of aluminium extrusion products? Used to fabricate aluminium framing, windows, and door systems to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. With 4 Distribution Centres Australia Wide, Head Office located in New South Wales. Being an Australian, family-owned and operated business they are located in 3 other major cities around Australia. Yatala – QLD, Keysborough – VIC and Hope Valley – WA. Being in the aluminium business for over 24 years, Darley has become a highly respected business within the aluminium industry.

About Nifty Marketing Australia

With all the experience and over 1,000 aluminium extrusions available, they needed a seamless and responsive website. Hence, Nifty Marketing Australia was approached to provide a whole new look, feel and customer interactive website which would portray Darley Aluminium’s quality and service that they deserve.

At Nifty Marketing they create high-quality content along with high performing experience. Their team of certified website designers and creators have the essential knowledge and understanding your business and its core requirements.