Crowd Launch Website For Facade Cleaners

If you’ve noticed your favourite piece of London architecture looking cleaner than usual, you may have Crowd’s new clients to thank.

Thomann-Hanry® with their revolutionary facade cleaning system have brought a new lease of life to many of the UK’s most iconic buildings and monuments. Just looking at some of their in-progress photos, you can appreciate just how dirty these building have become.

With a unique system which requires no scaffolding and creates no mess, Thomann-Hanry® can work quickly and with a small footprint amongst London’s busy streets.


Crowd’s work started with a new creative proposition: Restoring Excellence along with new brand guidelines which set the foundations for the new websites and other marketing going forward. This was supplied in a detailed brand book.

Crowd created two sites for Thomann-Hanry®: a main site and a mini-site for sub-brand Aqua-Fend® which showcases the results of their work and provides detailed information on the process and benefits of their building cleaning services.


A vast portfolio of past projects leaves visitors in no doubt as to the impact that Thomann-Hanry® can make on their buildings and the improvements to the city skyline.

The website followed hot on the heels of a re-branding exercise carried out by Jack in Crowd’s design team.

Jack said: “We focused on making the site feel great to use, making elements simple and clear so that any messages the client wanted to convey were seen immediately. One of the overriding challenges of this project was to produce a vibrant unique look for Thomann-Hanry® which would allow them to stand out in a competitive visual space.”

Next time you walk past a surprisingly clean building in central London, you may be looking at the handiwork of Crowd’s talented client.

About Crowd

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