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Mastercard Tests Biometric Cards That Provide Fingerprint Verification

Mastercard has unveiled biometric cards that contain both Chip and Pin technology, as well as, biometric sensors. The test has launched only in South Africa at present. After smartphones, buildings, airports, -and FBI-  the next step is to let finance industries adopt fingerprint verification to increase user security. As a part of a limited trial in …

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You Can Apply To Work At McDonald’s via ‘Snaplication’ – A Snapchat Application

Want to work at McDonald’s? If you’re a frequent Snapchat user you can, because the company will now accept job applications via Snapchat! For Macca’s job seekers in Australia, the first round of interviews will soon include a bit of social media interaction: a 10-second audition that is called a “Snaplication.” While using the app, …

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Gap Collaborates With Google To Launch Its AR-Based Mobile App

Gap is testing a new mobile app named “Dressing Room” to preview the clothes before you try. Debuted at the CES Show 2017, American worldwide clothing company, Gap is into something innovative. The company is testing a virtual dressing room to give their customers a new way to try on their favourite clothes. Released the news …

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Dior’s Frame-Maker Expands Into Mind-Reading Smart Glasses

The Italian eyewear company, Safilo Group debuted a set of Internet-connected spectacles at the Consumer Electronics Show. To create the first-ever brain sensing eyewear technology, Safilo Group has partnered with Toronto-based technology company, InteraXon. The product will mainly measure brainwaves and send the data to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. It will have five sensors embedded …

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Meet The New Online Music Platform: Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited was launched yesterday as a new online music platform of the famous American e-commerce company. Amazon’s awaited, on-demand music streaming service is now officially available. The service has several different features compared to the competitors, Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music. The ad-free platform has a voice-assistant called Alexa, which is compatible with the …

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Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Strategy – Taste The Feeling

The “Open Happiness” slogan gets replaced by “Taste The Feeling” as Coke launches the biggest campaign in over a decade. Debuted in 2009, Coca-Cola’s lofty slogan “Open Happiness” was over-used to cover all of its ideals-based campaigns from anti-bullying to supporting exploited migrants in Dubai. However, it was becoming all too preachy. With the entrance …

NEWS | Brand News

A Smart Fridge From Budweiser: Bud-E Fridge

The new Bud-E smart fridge follows your team, chills up your brew to perfection and tallies your booze, bro! Bud Light is out to make sure the Internet of Things includes beer. The nation’s largest beer brand launches the Bud-E Fridge, a smart fridge for people who really care about beer. Released as the NFL season springs into …

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