New Social Media Apps To Look Out For In 2022

The new year has brought us some new social media apps to look out for. Along with the changing trends of social media, businesses need to stay updated about the new apps which are capturing their customer’s attention.

This is crucial if business owners want to continue communicating their brands to customers on the most relevant platforms.

So, here’s a look at the newest social media apps of 2022 to keep an eye out for:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Vero
  3. Facecast
  4. Social Champ
  5. Mastodon
  6. Swarm
  7. Lasso
  8. Anchor

Google My Business

More and more people are shopping online and rely on search engines to search for their shopping queries.

This is exactly what Google My Business does for small and private businesses.

Google helps billions of people connect with billions of businesses each day.

The app allows businesses to develop and maintain a strong following with their existing and potential followers over time.

The app allows types of social media businesses to reach new clients and customers when customers search for something the business sells.


The app gives users data on queries like requests for directions, incoming calls, where searches originate from and the number of searches regarding the business.

Business owners can also set up a quick and easy website that is completely free, which can be changed from a PC or even a smartphone.

Interactions with clients are made possible as business owners are able to respond to queries and questions, clients can share stories, and client opinions can be measured through the creation of surveys.

Clients can also be kept up to date regarding the latest developments taking place in the business. , the latest products, offers and discounts.

Business owners are able to populate their business profiles with events, pictures and offers and see them updated across the Google Search and Maps platforms.


What is Vero? A good question to ask, especially if you are an Instagram user since you probably have heard many people talk about this app.

This social media app is like Instagram in that it allows users to share images and videos but without the pressure of wanting people to like it.

The app caters to the needs of social media influencers, photographers, businesses, and videographers.

One of the most beautiful social media apps out there

If for nothing else, it’s worth giving a try just to see how beautiful it looks as it is used.


The app lets users sort their contacts into three groups: close friends, friends, and acquaintances, allowing users the control as to who gets to see what on their feed.

Users find this a great benefit since they do not have to sort out and filter what to share with their contacts.

The big draw for the app is the fact that it is free of ads and it lists posts chronologically, without the influence of an algorithm deciding where, when and how to display user posts.

With these features, people can simply be as social possible with a whole new experience for all users.

The app is especially appealing to users who have become disillusioned with the data compromises going on over at Facebook.

That was the same time when the app saw a 20-fold increase in its user base.


Facecast is also an instant random match video chat app for meeting someone new.

Whether they are nearby or on the side of the world, just tap to start your random chat journey and have a video chat with him or her 1 on 1.

Looking for girls? Boys? You decide your match.

Who will be the lucky dog to match you? Who will you meet next? No one knows, but keep tapping to find it!


There are a mass of very creative videos on Facecast. It’s a good way to kill boring time. You can also upload yours.

Your video is easier to be recommended here, as you show any moments of your life.

The special feature is: You can get not only likes but also gifts for your video! Yes gifts for video.

Wanna try?

On Facecast, you can chat with broadcaster privately by sending them gifts or, if you followed each other, you are friends automatically!

You can chat at any time! What’s different is, you can earn free diamonds and send gifts to your favorite broadcaster.

Without recharge, you can send 5 minimum gifts every day.

For me, what attracts me most is so many features in one app!

You can just enjoy this app, from live stream to video, and to random 1-on-1 video chat.

I feel very warm and familiar here. I participate in the activities and get the reward (They have video activities sometimes).

When I found a bug or advice I feedback to their facebook page (Facecast), they respond fast and sincerely.

On other platforms I can just be an audience.

Facecast allows users to share instant moment in pictures, watch live stream videos and share videos, connect with friends around the globe and post videos attached with music of choice.

Facecast moments feature allows users to upload daily activities such as picture(s) while in a tourist park or on holiday.

Public post will appear in moments and square at the same time.

Only friends post just appear in Moments.

Social Champ

Social Champ is the ultimate solution to all the automation you need to schedule your social media content. It is an all in one social media management tool.

In one click, you can schedule or post your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram directly from Social Champ and save your time.

Using the Bulk Upload feature, the user can schedule and upload thousands of post all at once without having to log in to your account every time he or she wants to schedule a post for later.

Social Champ offers to repeat the content that user posts on Twitter and Facebook.

For both Social Media Platforms, you can set the number of times, and the gap between the repeats, and let Social Champ handle the rest.

Reposting is its one of the most used features, that allows users to post the same post again, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or ‘Yearly’.

Interestingly, you can also make ‘Yearly’ posts ‘Forever’, for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc.

Mastodon is a smaller and, as many say, a better-improved version of Twitter. Or let’s just say that it wants to be like Twitter but much better.

You will not tweet however, you will “toot”.Nor will you retweet, you shall “boost”. And there is no quote-tweeting either, since you can only boost or not. And you will not like, but you shall “favorite”.

Unlike the 140 character limit set by Twitter, it gives you up to 500 characters to play with.

Mastodon is a free, decentralized, non-commercial version of Twitter with better privacy controls and a more intuitive interface.

For now, that feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale social-media landscape.


Just like Twitter, you can directly message people, you can mention them and you can follow them. But it also incorporates two different timelines:

  1. The “local timeline” is a stream of everybody tweeting from that instance. Think about listening in on everybody from your neighborhood.
  2. The “federated timeline” is your local timeline and anyone who is followed by someone on your instance to boot.

This social media app also offers many privacy options:

  1. Public: as the name says, your toots will post on the local timeline.
  2. Private: only your followers will be able to view your toots.
  3. Direct: only users mentioned in your toot will be able to see the toot.
  4. Unlisted: your account can be made completely private.
  5. Mastodon might just take on the role of Twitter.

The app also features “content warning”, which allows users to indicate links which followers may want to skip, such as spoiler alerts, political articles, or NSFW content.

Though the app is at its nascent stages, perhaps that is its biggest charm.

Users have the chance to join the initial stages of a growing network before it is swarmed by rants, political arguments, and birthday wishes.


Swarm is a location-sharing social app that allows users to discover new locations while helping people connect with friends.

Simply put, if you like sharing your location with friends and would like to make new friends, Swarm is for you.

The app allows users to automatically check-in to locations and track their locations over time.

Swarm is designed like a game that encourages users to explore the real world and meet up with friends.

Some say it makes the social in social networking “real”.


The app award points for checking in with friends that use Swarm and for checking into new places.

However, users may find it uncomfortable that other people know so much about their daily movements and patterns.

Which highlights another feature of Swarm: lifelogging.

Lifelogging, as the name suggests, keeps track of a lifetime of data on your check-ins and their timelines spanning years.

Any business that operates a physical location can utilize the app by making sure that their location is searchable and correct, and that Swarm users can check-in easily.

Business owners should also encourage users to talk about their experiences at the location.

Business owners can also help users generate content, especially photos and reviews. Content, as they say, is search currency.


Launched by Facebook, Lasso is a new social media app for the creation and sharing of short videos.

It is stylized similar to the China-based app called TikTok and allows users to discover popular viral videos, search popular hashtags, and follow content creators and influencers.

Lasso allows users to shoot a maximum of 15-second videos and overlay it with the music of your choice.


Notably, all profiles and their content on Lasso are public, unlike your Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The app allows you to login using their Facebook or Instagram and sync them with Lasso.

Unlike TikTok, with its unique filters and augmented reality tools, the app only has slow-mo and fast forward tools to make video clips.

But even then people are finding creative ways to use these basic tools to create awesome videos.

Given how Facebook is losing the younger demographic, it comes as no surprise that it is now trying to appeal to the same group through this well-constructed app which is throwing off that colorful and playful teen vibe.


Anchor is a new social media app that is a lot like Instagram and Twitter, as it allows users to publish content to anyone who follows their feeds.

However, it does not allow photos or text to be posted. It can be said that its a unique social platform for creating podcasts.


You can record and post waves, which are two minute sound bites (and cannot be pre-recorded) which can be shared on Anchor or other social media platforms like Twitter.

Other Anchor users, or Anchors as they are known, can then respond with their own waves.

The app also has an audio editor that allows Anchors to edit audio without the complicatedness attached, giving anchors the ability to record and edit audio with no previous experience required.

So there you have it. The biggest new social media apps to look out for in 2022.

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