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New Features In Google AdWords

It’s easy to fall back on the old AdWords UI, isn’t it? It’s safe, familiar and you know off the top of your head where everything can be found.

However, keeping up to date with digital changes is essential for every AdWords management agency.

And luckily for us, Google AdWords has released a bundle of new updates to encourage us over to the new UI!

Here we review some of our favourites so far:

Promotion Extensions

It seems users just can’t resist that little tag icon. Or is it the bold copy? Or is it just because they are new? Whatever the reason, we have seen great success with Promotion extensions.

After first introducing the beta version in May, Google are now rolling out Promotion extensions for all advertisers. We have found them to be a great way to keep promotions and offers up to date, without having to alter any ad copy.


Ad Variants

A/B split testing should be high on every PPC digital agency’s agenda. But for large campaigns with numerous ads, it can be a gruelling part of the AdWords management process.

Luckily, Google has heard our prayers and added some new features to help us test until we get that perfect copy formula.

With the new Ad Variants which is located under the Drafts & Experiments tab in the new UI, you can easily swap around the headlines, test display paths and trial new descriptions.


Once you have created your Ad Variants, you can control how much budget will be allocated to the variants and the percentage of auctions they will be shown in. This is called Experiment split:


Custom Intent Audiences

We mostly use remarketing audiences for our Display campaigns. We know these users have seen the brand and have show enough interest to visit the client’s website. But now Google have released Custom Intent Audiences for Display.

With this new feature, digital marketers have a choice. They can build their own audience based on the topics and URLS that potential consumers read and visit. Or, they can let Google automatically build the audience using machine learning technology.


Google provides a sneak preview of the auto-created list in the Audience Center to give you an idea of estimated reach and performance before you choose to target them.

Whether you are a fan of the new AdWords Interface or not, its clear that there are already some new opportunities to test and explore.  We are officially converted at Upperdog, even if it may have taken a little time!

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