New Artistic Banknotes Of Norway Are Now In Circulation

Central bank of Norway has selected pixelated designs by design studios Snøhetta and The Metric System to feature the country’s new banknotes.

Norway’s new maritime banknotes are about to be the world’s coolest currency. The central bank, Norges Bank of the country has selected the work of Snøhetta, the Oslo-based design company for the pixelated notes, as well as The Metric System for the traditional designs such as the Viking ship Gokstadskipet, the sea rescue boat and more.

The purpose of the selection of this piece of art is mainly to highlight the importance of the Scandinavian country’s maritime culture and connections. A video was also released officially by the bank, to describe the new currency using the slogan “torsken kommer” — cod is coming.


The new currency will roll out in several stages, beginning with the 100- and 200-Krone notes yesterday. The 50- and 500- Krone notes will follow approximately one year later, with the 1000-Krone note to be released in 2019 Autumn. Given the complex production process, these dates are subject to potential delays.

These new Kroners prove that spending money has never been this stylish before!

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