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Nescafe Creates Instant Connections Among Passersby

“Instant Connections” by Nescafe sets out to show how a fresh cup of coffee can magically create instant connections in the real world. 

It all began with an ordinary morning in the crowded streets of Germany; there is the hustle bustle of a new day with cars zooming by and, people heading off to work, when suddenly a little red box next to the road catches their attention. The box is a cleverly disguised coffee vending machine that prompts them to push a button while they wait near the crosswalk.

Curiosity gets the better of them and they act on the prompt and press the button. Nothing works. Then they notice a face on the camera, a face of the person across the street who can see them too. And they understand. United with a love for coffee, they each press the button at the same time only to be rewarded with a hot steamy cup of Nescafe coffee and an entire new connection.

Talk about instant coffee for the price of an instant connection!

Coffee is known to foster friendships and connections. This brilliant incentive did exactly just that. It resulted in strangers’ hi-fiving, smiling, waving, conversing and starting off their day with a happy surprise shared with a person across the street. Here’s how a cup of coffee worked its magic:

This campaign designed by Nestle and OglivyOne with its human element and emotional appeal not only managed to connect people across the road but also made these people connect with the brand itself.

“Instant connections” were made indeed!

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