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All You Need To Know About ‘See Now, Buy Now’ In The Fashion Industry

When fall season begins, fashion weeks kick off after another. As September means the month of ‘fashion weeks’, extreme runway shows and street styles dominate all the news. But, what are they going to do with digital marketing and more? It’s see now, buy now strategy that we’re about to see.

What does see now, buy now mean for fashion marketing?

What is the power in the fashion industry today? When asked, the power brands will state that the consumer is the answer. Not the CEO, not the designer, not the editor and even not the blogger. Only the customer.

See now, buy now is the basic principle that when the runway is happening live, the whole collection is already in the online-store. After the fashion show, customers can buy what they saw in the runway debut. This is the main principle of the see now, buy now.

Ana Andjelic, the global strategy director from the Havas Lux Hub, states in AdAge that in this September’s fashion week, more than 152 designers present their collections and 10% are doing it in the principle of the see now, buy now model.

In the industry, the collections presented are next year’s. So, 10% means too much when compared to haute couture methods of procedures because clothes were presented before they were produced. Between the six month-gap, the debuted collections are manufactured, then retailed.

But, in the consumer-centered see now, buy now model, collections are available immediately after their debut. As a result, runway shows are presented after the manufacturing processes. So, the clothes are available in-season. Basically this means, that the consumer can instantly buy what he/she sees in the show. While a Birkin bag has an endless waiting list last for months, an instant see now, buy now Burberry fashion show can compete with that accordingly.


Undoubtedly, the direct-marketing strategy in digital platforms is a result of social media, technology and the desire of overspeed in every medium. Fashion heavy-weights like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger were pioneers for the senses that customer expectations have nothing to do with their industry, yet they have to adapt their brands, or let’s say adjust their brand identities.

Global creative services and visual merchandising head, Trent Wisehart says about Tommy Hilfiger’s seasonal collaboration with former model Gigi Hadid; TommyXGigi that;

I was getting messages from Tokyo, Munich, London… it was really interesting to see all of the teams coming together,” Wisehart says. “Now, we’re working in tandem, not behind, the rest of the group. It made the process more dynamic and fun because we were able to feed off the energy of the show. It’s no longer about re-invigorating a story six months later.”

Tom Ford, one of the most powerful designers in the world, also states that,

“the whole point is sales, sales, sales.”

The biggest strory is not in the runway at the moment. Of course, Instagram and Snapchat are the two most emerged social media platforms. Instant video and sharing brings the necessity into fashion industry. To keep up with the fashion creative, from photographers to bloggers, the one thing becomes important in the digital media: fresh content. All famous bloggers, models and editors –separate from their corporate brands- now have Instagram and Snapchat accounts which they manage personally and they use them extremely often, like 5 posts in a day or more.


When asked by BBC, “Is this technology disrupting fashion?” Burberry head Christopher Bailey replied, “This is technology enabling fashion.”

But let’s say, when it comes to fashion; forget all the principles and the digital trends. This is the hottest trend according to the customers: to reach what they want as soon as they possibly can.

To conclude, Instagram, Snapchat and the other social media pioneers are nothing but major game changers in the century-old fashion houses. We are sure to say that millennials will be proud of ‘see now, buy now’, but the question is: is the entire industry really happy? Will the sales increase?

Time will tell.

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