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What Is Native Advertising And Why Is It Different Than Content Marketing?

Here’s decoding the hottest, new, effective way of advertising! 

Coined a couple of years ago, the term “native advertising” is now currently all the hype.

Entrepreneurs, marketers and web publishers have endeavored to use this new advertising strategy to its incredible, full potential.

Contrary to its popularity, the buzzword is still slightly fuzzy among marketers today. So here’s walking you through the 101 on what native advertising is all about.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

In other words, native ads are camouflages to their surroundings because their format and writing style mirror the content of the host website, therefore, creating a less disruptive advertising experience, as opposed to traditional ads that are prominent and intrusive.

Native ads seamlessly slip and blend into the user’s feed. They are “in the flow” of a website or app’s regular content, thus, making them more doubly effective.

Here are some examples of native ads.

Native ads are getting ubiquitous. Be it an elite news site like the elite Wall Street Journal, your personal social media feed on Facebook, the trendy BuzzFeed blog, or a trusty music app like Spotify – native ads are native to each.

Native Advertising VS Content Marketing

Another great debate surrounding the native advertising buzz, is whether it is the same as content marketing. To answer the question, it is not!

While they may each have the same goals: to drive action and to position a brand, with content marketing the brands become publishers that inform, educate and entertain users. It focuses on owning media, not renting it.

Whereas, native advertising drives traffic to that content by renting a distribution platform. It’s primarily a clever method of distributing and advertising your content.

This infographic by The Huffington Post further expands the concept of “native advertising,” highlighting the five commandments for success using this marketing tactic and predicting its future:

Native Age

How effective do you think is native advertising?

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