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Tina – The World’s First T. Rex Chatbot For Your Kids

National Geographic KiDS and +rehabstudio create world’s first T. rex chatbot to educate kids.

Imagine what a child would ask a dinosaur if they had the chance!

Today, that concept becomes a reality, as National Geographic KiDS and +rehabstudio unveil a world first: the chance for children and parents to chat live to a virtual T. rex, via Facebook Messenger.

Created to feed childrens’ imaginations and answer their questions, Tina the T. rex is all about virtual learning and discovery.

The bot will live across three of NG KiDS’ Facebook pages for the next week, allowing thousands of people in the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand the chance to quiz Tina on the fascinating life of a T. rex.

tina headshot trex rehabstudio national geographic kids
Chatting to Tina is simple; simply log in to Facebook, visit the NG Kids page and click on the Messenger button or add her on Messenger on: m.me/ngkids. Alternatively, scan the attached image into:

Messenger/people/scan code.

Ask her about her size, speed and habitat

Tina will happily respond to questions about her favourite topic – herself!

The bot, built by +rehabstudio, has a strong focus on making learning an engaging and interactive experience, while also acknowledging the nuances of kids’ questions and curiosities.

The aim was to create a fun, exciting experience that really brings learning to life for kids. The bot uses the new AI technology made available on messenger services earlier this year, and hopes to engage the whole family as you all sit down together to chat to Tina the T. rex!

Gemma Chandler, Digital Editor of National Geographic KiDS said,

Tina is an exciting example of how technology can enhance a child’s learning. Not only is she fun, she’s seriously educational, too, and that’s just what NG Kids is all about. Kids can pick up some great facts about a fascinating topic – even parents will find it addictive!

Tim Rodgers, Founding Partner at +rehabstudio said,

Chatbots are popping up everywhere, but Tina is distinctive as an edu-bot, focussing on educating kids on dinosaur facts. It is amazing to have brought a creature that has been extinct for 65 million years back to life.

Chat to Tina at www.facebook.com/ngkids (UK), www.facebook.com/NationalGeographicKidsSA (South Africa) and www.facebook.com/natgeokidsausnz (Australia & New Zealand).

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