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Most Exciting HoloLens Features: Holoportation, Mars Exploring, Actiongram

Introducing the most interesting features of HoloLens: Virtual teleportation, Mars sightseeing and Actiongram app that lets you surround yourself with out of this world creatures.

HoloLens is Microsoft’s holographic computer built into a headset. It creates the “mixed reality” which means that you can see things around you – walls, furnitures, windows, but with the incorporated virtual elements. This elements (called by Microsoft “holograms”) are responsive to your head movements, gestures and voice.

You can use it like a normal computer – to browse web, play games, make a skype call. But there are more exciting features of HoloLens: Holopartation, Mars exploring and Actiongram app.


Holoportation is a virtual 3d teleportation in real time. It means you can see a hologram of a person in real time and interact with him. This is possible with the new 3d capture technology – a person is surrounded by 3d cameras which create a model and compose it in the real world. With HoloLens, people can see each other and feel like they’re in the same room.

Here is the video which visualises Holoportation:

NASA’s Destination: Mars

It started with OnSight, a software that enables scientists to work virtually on Mars using HoloLens. This partnership between NASA and Microsoft let scientists plan and conduct science operations on the Red Planet.

During this summer, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will open its doors to public to show 3D replica of Mars. People will interact with holograms of real people (like Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut) and understand how rover is collecting data on Mars.

Dr. Jeff Norris, lead mission operations at JPL said:

This is the best way for us as scientists and engineers to look at the planet but this is also the best way to involve the public in what’s happening in the journey. Space exploration feels so abstract to people when they’re just looking at the picture or a video. But this allows us to speak to the part of their brain that will make them realize that this is a real place. We greatly respect the innate ability and desire to explore. We want to unburden and unlock that.

This video shows how the project will look like:

Actiongram App

Microsoft also announced an app called Actiongram. It lets you project holograms (like a unicorn, a dinosaur or a zombie) in your room, edit them, record and share it.

The video explains exactly how the app will work:

Right now, HoloLens is available for invite-only developers and there are no news on the consumer version.

The Holoportation, Actiongram and Destination: Mars are just few out of many features. But surely there are some exciting possibilities coming for HoloLens!

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