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Most Clever Print Ads Hit The Headlines On Social Media

Integrated printed, and social media campaigns help businesses to take their marketing efforts to the next level. The most clever print ads, gain the attention and appreciation of social media users. While TV commercials and social media campaigns have a strong effect when brands promote themselves, print ads are still a part of the puzzle.

Today, digital is an emerging trend. According to Statista, in 2017 an average person has spend 135 minutes on social media networking. That means people spend more than 2 hours scrolling every day. Digital is an ever-changing atmosphere and in this atmosphere it’s easy to forget about the importance of printed material. But print is still in the game.

Users tend to focus on print ads on the internet, as they find them more relevant and credible with their already engaged publications. Brands want to generate leads and create an online presence, trying not to miss out social media and meet their audience by creating user-specific content to generate higher ROI.

While some brands work with social media marketing agencies78% of businesses have their own dedicated social media teams to attract and engage customers. It’s hard to be there every time where their audience is, but some brands pull this off professionally and successfully. When you design a print work, you should keep in mind evolving trends in addition to everyday best practices.

Here I’ve pulled together some examples of the most clever print ads from 2018 and the past few years. If you think that print isn’t innovative or outdated, these ads can change your mind as they combine physical and digital so subtle.

Highlight The Remarkable

Stabilo collaborated with DDB Group Düsseldorf to create this award-winning print campaign. The world’s largest highlighter pen manufacturer highlighted strong women figures who overshadowed of men even though they made magnificent achievements.

The ad is featuring NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, U.S. First Lady Edith Wilson and Austrian-Swedish physicist Lise Meitner. Black and white pictures of these remarkable women are made explicit with a yellow marker. The successful campaign has taken great credit on social media.

Highway Gallery

In 2017 Louvre opened its first universal museum in Abu Dhabi but Arabs were largely unfamiliar to museum culture. Louvre decided to launch a campaign called “Highway Gallery”. The campaign was a combination of both digital and printed. Billboards consisted of the reproduction of classic masterpieces like Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait and Mona Lisa were placed to the highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to invite visitors to the museum.

Area’s top 3 radio stations synchronized with solar-powered FM transmitters. While driving past each piece drivers listened to a 30-second audio clip that introduced the piece and also the artist. Brand’s social mentions increased 1180 %, and media impressions increased 330,000 to 35 million. The campaign created by TBWA\RAAD.

Burning Stores

Burger King proud of itself for its tasty flame-grilled burgers. Instead of frying them, the restaurant chooses the frame-grilling method. But sometimes flames can misbehave if you don’t keep it under control. Burger King holds a record for its burned down restaurants in Italy and America since 1954.

You can regard this print ad as bravely ridiculous or ridiculously brave. The ad created by David Miami, engages the audiences with extreme transparency. Company using genuine photos of BKs in flames. In Print & Publishing category, this work won the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions.


KFC is famous for its chicken with a secret recipe. It may sound like a joke, but in spring 2018 the unthinkable just happened, and chicken restaurant chain ran out of chicken. KFC had a problem with the new distributors and temporarily closed its 900 restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

As a pro, they handled this large-scaled crises very well. In order to apologize from its customers the restaurant teamed up with Mother London and create an effective print ad by changing the place of KFC letters. The apology went viral on social media. This print ad even won a Wood D&DA pencil.

Pee On This Ad

IKEA is known for its brilliantly creative ads apart from its globally popular furniture and kitchen appliances. The Swedish furniture maker’s interesting print advert is a pregnancy test at the same time. If a pregnant woman pee on this ad, the retailer would offer the future mom to a half price crib.

To create this ad, IKEA joined forces with Åkestam Holst and material technology firm Mercene Labs. On Twitter, so many people engaged with the content and the campaign also gained so many impressions, comments, and shares.

If you want to see other 20 amazing print ad examples, don’t wait a second!

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