Morningtrain Developed a Webshop Solution for MG Motors/ KIA

Mg Motors/KIA came to Morningtrain with the idea of revolutionizing the car sales process. They were certain that cars could be sold online, just like any other product.

The Challenge

The issue, in this case, was, that their old webshop had limited options during the buying process, and this had to be rethought, to be able to fulfill their ambitious idea.

The Solution

Morningtrain started out by facilitating detailed design workshops, where MG/KIA could specify their needs and wishes on how they wanted the optimal buyer journey to look.

With that in mind, the entire buyer journey was sketched and the visual aspect of buying a car online was highlighted as an important factor.

During this process, an intuitive and visually pleasing configurator was added to the webshop. The goal of the configurator was to provide the customer with the possibility to customize their car, both the interior and exterior look as well as the specifications such as horsepower, range, optional features, and accessories.

Furthermore, this would also increase the chance of upselling, as the customers would now be able to visualize changes on the car and customize it exactly to their preferences.

With the complete webshop solution outlined, a requirement specification was drawn up – and the development began to take shape.

The Result

MG/KIA’s webshop went live and was very well received by their customers.

MG/KIA informed Morningtrain that the increase in conversion rate was significantly higher when compared with their old webshop.

The new customer journey made sure that the customers stayed on the site for longer and increased the sale due to the many options in the configurator.

The most significant milestone was achieved with the launch of the new KIA EV6. The sale surpassed expectations by 200% on the launch day.

Furthermore, the salesmen in the physical shop now have a great tool to visualize the customization for their customers, and to show them an adjustable pricelist dependent on their choices of optional features and accessories.

Following the success of their new webshop launch, MG/KIA has chosen to get an extra shop element, to exclusively handle the sales of exterior and interior aftermarket accessories.

About Morningtrain

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